Using Photo Canvas Prints to Remember Our Pets

There are always moments in life when we wish things would never change, would simply stay static. Unfortunately, even if we feel like we’ve achieved such a state it’s usually an illusion. Deceased pets are a sobering moment for any family, and both children and adults often feel as strong an emotional reaction to the loss of a family pet as they do to any other sort of lost. These animals truly become part of our families and our lives, and many people are taken by surprise at the strength of their grief. Actions like printing photos of loved pets can offer some comfort, but many people these days are seeking better ways of remembering their lost pets as the stigma of being an animal lover falls away. One of the most beautiful and meaningful ways to remember your departed friend is personalised canvas prints.


A Memorial Wall with Photos on Canvas

There are elaborate and accessible mechanisms for remembering our family members who have left us behind, but very few possibilities when it comes to our pets. Many people don’t understand the grief experienced when an animal passes away; some people still regard animals as possessions, useful or amusing but not something they form deep emotional bonds with, and others simply don’t believe grief for deceased pets should be on the same level as grief for human beings.

Even the services that do exist often lack a certain personal touch. Cremation services present you with a beautiful wooden box and perhaps a paw print in clay, which doesn’t match up with the warm, lively living thing you spent years with. Pet cemeteries are distant and over time visits always become infrequent.

Now imagine instead you choose your favourite photo of your old friend, a photo that captures in some way their personality and role in your life. You lovingly crop it, adjust it, and send it off to have canvas prints online created. A large, vivid canvas of your friend’s sweet face, hung lovingly on the wall where you’ll see it every day and be reminded – and be grateful for the time you had together, and the affection and comfort you shared. And be reminded of the amazing life you and you alone gave to your grateful pet, because you’ll see them in their prime, happy and healthy.


The Power of Personalised Canvas Prints

That’s the unique power of photo canvas printing – instead of taking someone else’s artistic vision or ideas and sensibility and hanging it on your wall, you are free to use your own artistic judgement and combine it with your view of the world and create something powerfully personal, something meaningful to you. To everyone else who visits your home the photos hanging on your wall may be attractive, interesting canvas prints of animals. They may have the vague idea that these were your boon companions through the years, but all they’ll see are beautiful art pieces.

But you will know better. You will be comforted every day by seeing the honoured visages of those who shared your journey for a while.