21 Amazing Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For First Time Mums

Being a new mum can be tough. And with Mother’s Day just around the corner, we wanted to take the stress out of finding gift ideas for first time mums. After all, babies don’t give gifts! So, whether it’s your wife, partner, sister, daughter, of friend, when it comes to gifts for new mums, you want to get it right the first time.

Mother’s Day may not be new for you, but for the first time mother, it’s all new! Plus, she is probably too busy looking after her new bub to even worry about Mother’s Day. Plus, with so many gift ideas for new mums, it can be tricky knowing where to begin.

We’ve taken the guesswork out of your gift research by asking five new mums what would make them happy this Mother’s Day.

The beautiful thing about this list is that while all of the Mums did tell us about at least one tangible gift they thought was great, many suggested gifts of time. Time, to new Mums, is the most precious gift of all (next to babies of course!).

So here they are; the best Mother’s Day gift ideas for first time mums, according to new mums.

1. Time

Our number one gift idea for new mums is the gift of time. But how can you give new mums more time?

Easy! Simply write one offer of time (or even five) as a list in a card. They might include different things, such as a neck massage, a house clean, or even a home-cooked meal, while someone else looks after bub! Alternatively, craft together some gift coupons using cardboard, paper and a pen. Place them all in an envelope and declare that you’ll honour them whenever the new Mum would like to claim them. 

gift ideas for first time mums

2. Photoshoot

Why not give Mum a voucher for a session with a portrait photographer? It could be at a specialist mother/baby photography studio or it could include a session at home or nearby with a visiting photographer. If you’re handy with a camera, you could even offer to do it yourself. The photos might be of Mum by herself, or with her new bub or family.

Either way, it’s about putting aside some time or money for Mum to capture some professional quality images she can cherish forever. Once mum has done her shoot, why not turn those beautiful photos into works of art? Simply create a single Canvas Print with Canvas Factory, You could even create o\a series of prints by creating a wall display using our handy template to create your wall art. These will be delivered ready to hang in the nursery or bedroom.

gift ideas for first time mums

3. A Heartwarming Meal

This is one of our favourite (and most affordable) gifts for new mums. Let’s face it, a new baby isn’t going anywhere and, after 6 months, Mum is as sleepless as ever. If she’s expressing to you her constant desire for sleep, help her out by cooking up some of her favourite foods (healthy and comforting) that she can freeze and enjoy when things get a little hectic. Alternatively, a gift voucher to a local restaurant or an Uber Eats voucher can work wonders, too.

4. Photo Collage On Canvas

The best gift ideas for first time mums are the ones that remind them of the best times of their lives. Gather together your digital photos of Mum with her baby or raid Mum’s photo gallery on Facebook or Instagram to create a beautiful Canvas Collage Print from Canvas Factory.

We’ve got all kinds of different Collage Prints to choose from, from themed versions to creative shapes and a variety of sizes. This will leave you plenty of space to add all her favourite photos of her new baby. She will simply adore the gift and treasure the thought that went into creating it.

Professional Photo Collage

5. Short Film

This one sounds tricky, but with all the increased in technology these days, anyone can aspire to be the next Steven Spielberg! Spend the next few weeks following around the Mum in your life with a camera as she goes about her everyday activities. Make sure you include the laughter, challenges, and joys of her life as a mother – incorporating both staged and candid moments. Try to capture her in the most natural way possible; perhaps by doing something she truly enjoys with her little one.

Once you’ve got the footage, edit it all together to create a mini-documentary. Present it to her on Mother’s Day and conduct a special screening after lunch with all the extended family. This is one gift idea for first-time mums that will really shine a spotlight on the value of her role and make her feel special.

6. Affirmation Cards

Affirmations can be helpful throughout all times in our lives, but especially when women are pregnant or struggling as new mums. So, why not gift the new mum some affirmation cards? This is a great DIY gift idea for first time mums. With phrases like ‘I trust my instincts’, affirmation cards are a useful tool to enhance Mum’s emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

If you’re looking for an affordable yet unique gift idea for a new mum you know, this one hits the nail on the head! Simply write a bunch of affirmations on different coloured notes and pop them into a large jar. It may take some time to fill up, but your new mum will appreciate it!

gift ideas for first time mums

7. Babysitting

Babysitting can be a tricky gift during the first few months while the new mum is settling into a new routine. However, once the baby has become a new part of the household, it’s time to be proactive and arrange some ‘me time’ for Mum.

It’s important to note that this is different from ‘date night’. This is about giving Mum time for herself to do whatever she wants; whether that’s some pampering by herself or visiting the girls. As a gift from a friend, this could involve a whole night of babysitting or could even just mean coming over to hold the baby while Mum has a shower. This is one of the best gift ideas for first time mums you could give!


8. Pampering Voucher

For more luxurious gift idea for new mums, consider pampering her! Treat Mum to a haircut and colour, a massage, or a pedicure. Be sure to arrange a babysitter or, if the baby needs to be breastfed, come along and mind the baby while Mum enjoys some well-deserved pampering.

A new hairdo or a day at the spa will work wonders in helping make her feel herself again, something every Mum needs after placing herself fairly low down on the priority list!

gift ideas for first time mums

9. Cleaner

Arranging a cleaner for a week or five is, hands down, one of the best gift ideas for new Mums. Whether you and the family or friends are all pitching in to clean or organising a cleaner yourself, giving a mother a break from the chores is a wonderful gesture of love.

10. Champagne

According to our mums, champagne is one of the best gift ideas for first time mums. Treat the new Mum to four bottles of Moet! That’s right, four! But make them the mini or piccolo size. These keep her content for a while. That way, she can enjoy a cheeky glass or so when she desires.


11. Jewellery

Find us a lady that doesn’t love jewellery! Surprise Mum with a pendant on a necklace or bracelet that has her child’s name and initials engraved into it. If Mum is planning to expand her family, you could even leave space for additional names.

Another version of this idea is to gift Mum a charm for each new child. A further twist, for the edgy Mum, is a tattoo voucher so she could get their names tattooed on her. Each to her own! You know her best.

12. Online Clothes Shop Voucher

When it comes to gift ideas for new mums, the first thing you might think of is a voucher. But let’s face it; Mum probably has baby clothes and baby gift vouchers coming out of her ears. But if she has expressed that her own post-maternity wardrobe is looking a bit sad, a gift voucher for an online women’s clothing store is a wonderful solution.

Don’t resort to a generic store voucher, as she’ll be tempted to buy something for her new bub. An online store voucher will give her a bit of online shopping fun from the comfort of home.

13. Treasure Chest

There are businesses who can do this for you, but it’s really quite easy to do yourself. All you have to do is buy a gift box and fill it with little treasures, like chocolates, aromatherapy oil, an inspirational quote on a small single canvas print.

Another version of this idea is to fill a gift box with treats that Mum may have given up when she was pregnant, such as alcohol, egg products, deli meats, soft cheeses, or pate. Complete this gift with a note of congratulations for surviving so far!

14. Robotic Vacuum & Flowers

When it comes to buying appliances for Mother’s Day, you’ll have to check what Mum already has at home. However, robot vacuums take the responsibility away from everyone in the home, so this is probably a gift that will be met with glee.

15. Canvas Wall Art Print

Mum spends a lot of time in the nursery room, staring at the baby, or looking at her phone. Give her something beautiful to look at – a bright, colourful, or calming wall art print. Our favourite ideas for a nursery are:

Can’t choose which print you’d like? Buy her a gift voucher instead.

10 Easy Interiors Trends To Try In Your Home - Tropical

16. Yoga mat

It’s not about getting back to a pre-baby tummy as fast as possible. That’s exclusively the domain of movie stars and pop singers who are paid to do their utmost to get back on track as fast as possible.

For most mere mortal Mums, it’s simply about giving them the tools, the time, and the space to stretch out their sore muscles, relax, and work on building their core strength and flexibility. A yoga mat lets them do this in their own time, at their own pace in their own space. You could even get them a workout DVD or a subscription to an at-home workout program.

17. Something Delicious

Lavish Mum with a box of chocolates. Visit your local handcrafted chocolate shop and gift Mum the highest-quality and most indulgent box of chocolates on the shelf. The best thing about this gift is, she’ll share it with you. Mums are giving like that, trust us!

Best Mother's Day Gift Ideas - New Mums - Chocolates

18. Digital SLR camera

While smartphone cameras are producing increasingly high-quality photos, nothing beats the excellence, elegance, and clarity that comes with using a DSLR camera.

Mum will love the professional quality of the photos she’ll be able to take of the family for years to come. Canon and Nikon both offer great options for the casual photographer.

19. Movie Tickets

Mum-and-bub movie screenings are becoming increasingly popular at local cinemas, so don’t be afraid to buy Mum a gift card to the movies. Check with your local cinema first before purchasing a ticket as the screenings are not held everywhere. No, it’s not going to sit on a shelf somewhere collecting dust. These movie screenings are held to encourage Mums to enjoy the cinema without the stresses that come with keeping the baby quiet.

movie theatre mum

20. Baby Hand Print

The great thing about this gift is that it involves the new bub!

Sneak baby away from Mum for long enough to paint his or her hand and create a colourful handprint on paper.

Scan the handprint to create a digital image then create a canvas print featuring baby’s handprint.

Voila! Art done by baby just for Mum!

21. Nursery Art

Once your new mum has had time to settle into her new family life, she might want to think about re-decorating. We have a huge range of wall art designs to choose from. Check out our range of nursery art here. From sweet, pastel prints to magical scenes to imaginative drawings, we have a huge range to choose from that will bring the new baby’s room to life.

wall art for children cover

If only it was Mother’s Day every day! Are you a new mum? If so, what would you like this Mother’s Day? Send an idea to a family member as a little hint!


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