Three Ways to Really Use Text in Canvas Prints

When it comes to wall decor and canvas prints, there’s a strong tendency for everyone to think visually. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, and we’re usually very colour-conscious when designing a room and choosing the wall decorations. Visuals make sense, but using text in canvas prints can be a powerful way to make a statement.

text in canvas prints

Text is a strong design choice, especially used cleverly and combined with affordable, high-quality canvas prints. Text not only adds to the visual composition of a room with sharp lines and interesting, graphical shapes in fonts, but it also brings a touch of literary meaning to your decoration. It helps make explicit what the rest of the design makes implicit. Used well, it’s a striking design choice.

Here are three ways to use text in your design work. These designs leverage the natural power of the written word to enhance the impact of your wall art.

Text on Canvas Prints: Wedding Vows

There’s a lot of discussion about using your wedding photos as decorative elements in your home. And while these can be a beautiful addition to your walls, don’t forget that the core of every wedding ceremony are the vows you make to each other. Those words, whether written by you or by someone else, form the foundation of your marriage. Having them printed out in a beautiful script is a daily reminder of the promises you have made to each other. You could even take a short excerpt from your vows with one or two key sentences to make an impact.

For a lovely piece of wall art, you could use a background image or simply a soft background colour. You could even use one of our themed canvas collages and add text in the centre panel, with images of the wedding around the outside. This will frame the text in the centre, drawing attention to the words that officiated the marriage.

text in canvas prints wedding vows

Birthday Newspaper Articles

Another way to brilliantly use text in canvas prints is to find an article from a newspaper on the day of a child’s (or a spouse’s) birthday. You can then turn that article into a piece of meaningful wall art. Scan the article, and apply ageing techniques to it. For instance, add a yellow, parchment filter to it, or some stains to make it look ancient. Make sure the date is clearly displayed as part of the piece. If possible, try to find an article that has some connection to the person or your family. Of course, you could also find the actual birth announcement, if it was printed in the paper.

The Word Cloud

One of the simplest ways to create a high-impact text-based piece of art that has a real impact is to create a ‘word cloud’. Word clouds are groupings of words arranged into a basic shape like a sphere or another easily recognisable shape. It will contain large words and some smaller words.

A word cloud allows you to choose the words that form what you consider to be the core of your personal philosophy or beliefs. This can be turned into a beautiful piece of art which can enhance your walls for years to come. A word cloud is personal and unique, like all the best home decor pieces. You can create your word cloud in seconds using a range of online tools.


After selecting your canvas design and text, all you need to do is use our simple template to upload your image or images.

If the idea of using text to bring some literal wow factor into your rooms sounds exciting, get to work! When you’ve found the right words for what you want to express, click here and we’ll take care of turning those words into art for your walls.