5 Meaningful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Using Photos

5 Meaningful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Using Photos

The year is flying by quickly. Soon enough, you’ll find yourself presenting your mom with the usual flowers and chocolates for Mother’s Day. So, why not switch things up this year? We’ve pulled together a huge variety of affordable and thoughtful Mother’s Day gift ideas that are bound to bring a smile to her face!

A personalised Mother’s Day gift idea is much more thoughtful than a store-bought gift straight off the shelf. It requires that little bit of extra care to create. And after all, your mum deserves the best.
It’s now easier than ever to create a personalised gift for mum. Photo gifts will always make thoughtful gifts, because they take time to create. And, with our fast shipping times and high-quality products, you’ll be able to create something beautiful in no time!

1. Canvas Prints From Photos

Canvas prints from photos are the classic Mother’s Day gift idea. They’re also a beautiful addition to any home. Are Mum’s walls looking a little bare? If so, she could definitely use a canvas print (or three).

For a more personal touch, you could create canvas prints from photos of the family. Our Canvas Prints are available as single prints; you could grab one in a larger size to make a statement. Or, to create something a little more special, you could create a Split Canvas Print or a unique Wall Display for a larger area.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Canvas Prints

For a smaller wall area, use a single Canvas Print or a compact Photo Collage. Ask the whole family to contribute their favourite photos of Mum so you have more to choose from.

If you’re creating a wall display, try to choose images in a similar colour scheme so that the whole piece ties together cohesively. Or, you could mix and match different images in black and white to create a more timeless, classic look. Versatile pieces are great as they can work well in any setting.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Photo Collage

Don’t have many family photos? Try using a beautiful landscape image from a family holiday, like your family picnic spot, a beach, holiday house or a just a place that is meaningful to your family. Or if Mum has a soft spot for her furry little friends, you could always print images of the family pets.

If you’re low on family photos, or simply want something that looks great with your mum’s decor, choose from our range of millions of wall art images. We’ve got everything from landscapes, to retro art, to abstract prints.

Our Tip: Unless you really where your mum likes things placed, we recommend not going crazy banging nails into walls. Use hooks that can be easily removed, just in case she’s not in love with the placement of the prints!

2. Photo Books

When it comes to Mother’s Day gift ideas, nothing beats a photo book. If your mum’s walls are already a little crowded, a personalised, hard-cover Photo Book from Canvas Factory is the perfect photo gift for Mum. It’s also a lovely way to show her you care without words.

Our Photo Books are especially perfect to showcase an occasion, such as a wedding or a family trip, and can be added to a coffee table collection or displayed propped open on the bookshelf, ready to flip through.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Photo Book

The best part is, with Canvas Factory you can completely personalise your beautiful book to match the occasion, and you can choose from a number of design styles and themes. There are a number of styles specifically catered to family photo albums. Mum will be bringing them out before you know it to show time and time again.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Family Photobook

You can arrange your photos in the photo book exactly the way you want. And you can also change the specific layout of each page to ensure you arrange all your photos beautifully.

Better still, grab a new Photo Book every year to commemorate each new year and the special memories they hold.

3. Photo Mugs

For the more pragmatic mums, photo mugs are a fun way to showcase your beautiful images; and they’re also a highly affordable Mother’s Day present. Our Photo Mugs are guaranteed to make mum smile and will be used time and time again.

The best part? There are so many options when it comes to Canvas Factory Photo Mugs. You can create a single image photo mug, or a collage mug with a collection of Mum’s favourite photos.

Again, when creating your collage, images in the same colour tones work best together. If you have a number of different shots from the same event like a party or beach trip, these will look great on the same mug. And if you have too many photos for just one mug, why not get her two?

Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Mug

Our themed “Mother” mug and “Best Mother Ever” photo mugs are a beautiful way to recognise and celebrate your mum.

Or, for an extra-special Mother’s Day gift idea, try a Magic Mug. When cold, they appear to have a solid black thermal coating, but, when heated by hot water, they reveal a personalised photo underneath – how cool is that?

You could even create a mug with adorable photos of Mum’s favourite pet or a beautiful quote to cheer her up during those long days at work. And voila – you have the perfect gift for Mum!

4. Photo Blocks

Photo blocks are a more modern take on the traditional, boring photo frame. Unlike photo frames, their frameless design means they are more versatile than ever and will look good in any room of the house. As they’re so small, they can also be moved around and styled in a multitude of different ways.

They’re also very affordable and come in a range of shapes and sizes, making them one of the easiest Mother’s Day gift ideas to get. Choose from a number of finishes, such as matte, gloss, and black and white styles.

Typically speaking, a gloss finish looks nice in a living space that is more contemporary and polished. A matte finish, on the other hand, might suit more classic or art-deco-style interiors better. Yet each style of photo block looks equally chic in any home.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Photo Blocks

5. Photo Cushions

You can never have too many cushions. The latest trend taking the interiors world by storm, photo cushions are the perfect way to create truly unique, personalised interiors for Mum. She’ll love the fact that no one else will have the same design that she does.

 Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Photo Cushions

You can create anything from a single photo style on a cushion to a collage printed cushion, to a themed printed photo cushion, especially for Mum. The options for personalisation are endless.

When styling, try to mix and match with your mum’s existing colour scheme or home décor. For example, if she has a navy, blue and white colour theme, go with family photos at the beach or seascapes for your photo cushions.

Or, if she has a more natural colour scheme, you might prefer to use images from the park, as the green tones will work better with the colours in your mum’s living room.

Ready to shop for Mum?

Whatever option you pick, photo gifts are a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift idea, and will definitely get you brownie points when you come to wish Mum a Happy Mother’s Day.

For more Mother’s Day gift ideas and high-quality personalised photo gifts, click here and see what else Canvas Factory has to offer.



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