21 Father’s Day Gift Ideas to Suit Every Dad

21 Father’s Day Gift Ideas to Suit Every Dad

Another Father’s Day is fast approaching and sadly, it can be easy to fall into the pattern of getting Dad the same old Father’s Day gift ideas. Forget socks, jocks, or chocs! You want a unique and thoughtful gift that actually makes Dad feel special.

Instead of a cookie-cutter gift (or even a box of cookies) why not get Dad a personalised present that actually suits who he is? We’ve pulled together our pick of Father’s Day gift ideas to suit all kinds of dads. So, whether you’re after a sentimental gift or something a little more fun, get it sorted stat! Read on to find out more.

The Sporty Dad

Got a Dad whose eyes are perpetually glued to the screen to watch the latest footy match? Or perhaps he’s always bugging you to go outside and toss a ball around? Either way, there is a range of gift ideas available for sports-obsessed dads out there, such as:

The Culture Lover

Does your Dad love his culture? If he loves a trip to the art museum or you can’t tear him away from learning about language or travel, these Father’s Day gift ideas will be a pleasant surprise for him!

  • Abstract art is perfect for art lovers, and it’s an easy way to please anyone. All you need to do is find a design that matches the décor in Dad’s home office and you can find a fantastic print for him!
  • A wall art print of Aboriginal art. This art form represents the long history of a beautiful and interesting culture
  • Travel prints to remind him of his favourite places all over the world
Father''s Day gift ideas

The Tech Nerd

What about the techie dads? The best thing about shopping for tech-obsessed dads is that you can never have too many gadgets and tech gifts. There’s always some new and exciting geek gift for techies. But what do you get the tech nerd that’s got everything?

tech gifts

The Nature Lover

Is Dad constantly out in nature, going camping, or trying to drag you along for a bushwalk? If so, we’ve got some great Father’s Day gift ideas for him!

  • A split canvas print of a beautiful landscape. This could be a photo of his favourite hike, or a new mountain he wants to conquer, like Mount Everest!
  • An acrylic print full of his favourite wildlife photos
  • A photo cushion with photos of you and Dad out in nature
Father's Day gift ideas nature

The Travel Enthusiast

If Dad loves to travel, he’s probably feeling a little glum right now. If he hasn’t been travelling for a while, it can be nice to look back on fond memories of travel and reminisce. Here are our top Father’s Day gift ideas for the travel enthusiast:

  • A travel photo book so he can look back on all his favourite travel moments. Simply import all his travel photos and you’ll have a beautiful book ready to flip through
  • A photo mug with a map of the world or one of his favourite travel snaps
  • A wall display with some of Dad’s favourite travel memories. Or, you could help him dream of new destinations with a wall to remind him of all the new places he’ll travel to in future

The Foodie Dad

Is Dad always whipping something up in the kitchen thinking he’s a contestant on MasterChef? Or perhaps he knows all the newest restaurants even before you do? Either way, it sounds like he’s a bit of a foodie! If so, we’re sure he would love any of these great gifts!

  • A wall art print of his favourite foodie culture. Perhaps it’s an Italian meal in a vineyard or a Greek foodie feast?
  • Why not make Dad a delicious breakfast or a gourmet dinner? The effort you put into it will show Dad how much you care.
  • A wall art print featuring Dad’s favourite recipe. Simply create your design on Canva, and be sure to select the “Poster” template when creating your design. Export your design and upload it to Canvas Factory to create your print. Too easy!
Father's Day gift ideas foodie dad

The Sensitive Softie

Is Dad a sentimental soul? If so, he’ll be touched by any meaningful gift. Anything you’ve put lots of effort into will tug at his heartstrings! Here are our favourite gifts for a sensitive softie Dad.

  • A metal print with a meaningful quote. Dad can hang this in his home office, man cave, or his bedroom
  • A photo collage of all your favourite times with Dad. Get together with the family and share all your favourite family photos. Then, compile it as one beautiful, high-quality artwork that Dad can hang in his room
  • A themed photo mug or a stubby holder with a picture of just you and Dad. Photo mugs are super affordable, yet will show Dad that you care without the need for words

We hope these Father’s Day gift ideas have inspired you. Whichever gift you settle on, make sure it’s personal, thoughtful and unique. After all, you’ve only got one dad! Dad will love your gifts even more knowing that you’ve taken the time to think of what he would really love. To find the perfect gift for Dad, start exploring our extensive range of canvas prints, premium prints, and photo gifts today.


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