How To Create Delicious-Looking Kitchen Prints

Want to spice up your home with beautiful kitchen prints? Whether your kitchen is a sparkling example of modern design and a fresh renovation or an old charmer with original details, the kitchen is always the heart of any home.

No matter what your home looks like; sleek and modern or crafty and charming, your family will wind up spending a lot of time hanging out in the kitchen. So you should decorate with epic kitchen prints to make the space feel welcoming.


Creating awesome food photos isn’t just sliding a dish from the oven to the counter and snap a photo, but it’s a little trickier than that. Here are three tips for taking epic food photos.

Why You Need Kitchen Prints

We all spend so much time in the kitchen; cooking, tidying up, or just socialising. This makes your decorations in that vital room arguably more important than any other room in the house. Canvas kitchen prints can have a huge impact in any kitchen.

If you’re a cook who takes pride in your creations, or just an aspiring chefs, you’ll want to decorate your kitchen with gorgeous prints of your own food. They will definitely inspire hunger in the kitchen!

Use Your Photography Eye

The first rule of food photography is that the food you photograph isn’t necessarily meant to eat. Of course, you will eat it, but first you should arrange it carefully for the camera. Think of the food on the plate or in the dish like any other photo and compose it.

Arrange those veggies, fluff those potatoes, and if your meat’s looking a little dry in the photos, a light glaze of cooking oil or olive oil will make it look juicy and delectable. Remember: Your canvas prints are for decorating, not for eating!

food photography

Choose Kitchen Prints In Colour

In a similar vein, if your recipe is naturally a little monochromatic or neutral in colour, consider adding some colour even if it’s not normally the way you serve it.

This could be with some sides or toppings that aren’t standard, or brought in with other aspects of the place-setting. Whatever you have to do, colour is absolutely necessary unless you’re contrasting an already-colourful kitchen with something white or neutral.

kitchen prints colourful

Set the Stage

The urge to just get in close and keep the shot totally focused on the food will be strong, but consider breaking out a little. Zoom out slightly to get other aspects into the shot. Some kitchen implements arranged casually, the texture of your butcher block or counter-top, or just some sunlight falling on the surface behind the plate can add some charm and dimension.

An isolated plate or dish with zero context looks like an advertisement, not a charming, warm dinner you’ve prepared for your family – and that’s the mood you’re trying to set.

kitchen prints food photos

Your kitchen is one of the happiest places in your home. Celebrate that with art that will get everybody in the mood to hang out and break bread together. When you have awesome photos of your dishes ready for the walls, click here and we’ll make sure they look spectacular – and delicious!