Essential Tips for Hanging Canvas Prints

hanging canvas prints

So, you’ve got these amazing pictures on your phone or digital camera, and you’ve put in the work to ensure that the canvas prints you ordered online will be big, bold, and beautiful. You might even think you don’t need tips for hanging canvas prints; after all, how hard could it possibly be?

You’ve gone through all the steps correctly; taking beautiful shots and editing them with care, then making sure the technical specs of your photos are high-quality enough to print on canvas. Now you’ve decided to hang your masterpieces on your walls for maximum impact.

And then it happens: you hang your fresh canvas prints, and they just don’t look good. Perhaps they’re slightly, maddeningly crooked, or the prints you’ve chosen just don’t work together. Perhaps one falls off the wall, leaving a gash in your drywall that needs to be repaired. And when you step back to admire your work, there’s something just … off about the whole project. The problem? You didn’t read this or consider the best tips for hanging canvas prints first!

Why You Need Our Top Tips for Hanging Canvas Prints

Hanging your canvas prints is easy enough when you only have one print, but what about when it comes to hanging a whole series of prints? If you’re hanging prints, especially those in a grid formation or a straight line, they need to be perfectly-straught, otherwise, all the hard work that went into taking your photos and selecting the right prints is all for nothing.

An off-centre single print or crooked line of canvas prints can ruin the whole display and it can be incredibly distracting to look at, taking the focus off the beauty of your prints.

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Tips for Hanging Canvas Prints: Hardware

Step one when planning to hang some personalised canvas prints on your walls is to go out and get the fundamental hardware you’ll need. It’s not as simple as driving a nail into the wall and hanging your print from it, unfortunately. You’re going to need the following:


  • Stud finder – for larger canvas prints, you want to secure them to a wooden stud in your wall to make sure they are properly supported; canvas prints can be quite heavy.
  • Hooks make sure you check the
  • Tape measure – you’re going to be measuring a lot.
  • Level – any level will do, but one with a laser sight will be the easiest to work with – and one that suctions to the wall is ideal for the most precise results.
  • Appropriate tools for the backing – different prints will come with different hanging hardware. Make sure you’ve got a nail, a backer, and the right size hammer for them.
  • A pencil – don’t mark your walls with something you can’t easily remove!

Now you’ve got the basic tools you’ll need to create your art wall. The next step is following some simple guidelines to make sure everything is evenly balanced.

Tips for Hanging Canvas Prints: Arrangement

There’s a very simple process you can follow to ensure that your new canvas print art wall is appropriately amazing.

Measure Your Wall

Measure up from the floor sixty inches (1.5 metres) and mark on the stud lines. This will put your pictures approximately at eye level, which is ideal. If you’re hanging over furniture, go up about 6 inches (20cm) from the top of the furniture instead.

Add Your Hooks

Your hooks should be spaced around 16 inches apart on centre, but it depends on what kind of arrangement you want to create. Mark the centre point of each stud so you can hang your prints securely. Use a leveller to make sure you’re marking the same spot on each stud.

Create Your Arrangement

Because you’ve got the centre-point to start with, you can choose to either hang your canvas prints dead-on in a row or get creative with a gallery-wall style arrangement. If you want to have a pattern, use your tape measure and level to mark out proportional spacing – don’t eyeball it! Eyeballing spacing and level will never work; it will look wobbly and amateurish.

tips for hanging canvas prints

Extra tips for Hanging Canvas Prints

If in doubt, start with larger prints in the centre and then work your way outward with smaller prints. If you’re creating a large or complicated arrangement, lay it out on the floor beforehand. That way, you can see what it will look like on your walls.

Be creative! You put a lot of creative energy into the photos themselves, don’t skimp now and do a poor job of hanging them on your walls. A little care with measurements and levelling and you’ll have striking, gallery-style prints.

Now that you’ve got all our best tips for hanging canvas prints, get ready to fill your boring blank walls! Browse our range of products here or explore our enormous range of wall art prints to find something that suits your unique tastes.