Decorate Your Outdoor Spaces with Aluminium Prints

Aluminium prints are the perfect way of taking your memories and turning them into gallery-quality photos for your outdoor spaces. If you’re a photography enthusiast you’ve probably already heard a lot about how to decorate your home using prints from your photos. And there are so many different kinds of prints to choose from, but not all of them work outside!

Canvas is durable and beautiful, if it’s properly cared for. But unfortunately, canvas prints can’t be displayed outdoors. Even in fine weather the sun, rain, and other elements can harm canvas prints, causing them to fade. And if you leave your prints outside in the rain, your beautiful artwork will become a big soggy mess.


So what if you have an outdoor or semi-exposed space you’d like to decorate? You might have a space like your deck walls, patio, garage, or semi-outdoor space that is exposed to the elements.

If there’s any chance of rain or your space is a little damp, your canvas prints won’t last long. Even if your prints are sheltered from rain, the temperature fluctuations and other weather effects will make short work of your gorgeous prints. So, how can you decorate your outdoor spaces?

What Are Aluminium Prints?

Did you know that you can turn your amazing photos into aluminium prints? The result can be just as dramatic and beautiful as canvas prints, but your prints will also be fully weatherproof! How good is that?

Aluminium prints are also known as metal prints. Essentially they are high-definition metal prints printed on a white aluminium base. They have a beautiful subtle metallic sheen without being reflective. These prints have a modern, gallery-style aesthetic that can look fantastic in any home.

Our Aluminium Prints are completely waterproof and weather-resistant, making it possible to have your life decorated with beautiful, meaningful images from your memories and experiences, both indoors and out. And we say weather-resistant only because if a cyclone spins through your backyard we can’t guarantee it won’t knock your aluminium prints down!


How To Choose A Design

So, once you’ve decided you want a metal print, what kind of artwork should you choose? Well, there are several artwork designs that work best on this print type.

Aluminium prints look spectacular when you can see all the fine detail in your images. They will make your photos look crisp, sharp, and clear. They also display a range of colours beautifully.

Here are some ideas for your metal prints:

  • Colourful images of friends and family
  • Street photography in black-and-white
  • High-detail cityscapes or landscapes
  • Artwork of nature
  • Abstract artwork

If you don’t have a design of your own that you like, search our image library. We have millions of designs to choose from! Or, use Canva to edit your own images, add effects, and turn them into cool works of art.

How Do You Create Aluminium Prints?

The process for creating our Aluminium Prints is the same as creating a print on canvas: choose your photo, having used the usual guidelines for good photography and quality digital files, send the files to your canvas prints online store, then wait impatiently for delivery. Simple, fast, and dramatic.

Your backyard play area can be decorated with photos of the kids that slowly grow into a gallery showing them at every age. Deceased pets can be memorialised in the spots they loved best, with durable and beautiful aluminium prints. And your patio can get those pops of floral colour without having to battle your brown thumb, just by hanging a few well-chosen photos.

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Choosing The Best Aluminium Prints

There is one thing to keep in mind when choosing a company to create your metal prints. Some companies will simply print your photos on paper and then adhere the paper to an aluminium backing. This process produces aluminium prints that are not waterproof at all: in damp weather the paper will swell and peel away from the metal, and your precious artwork will soon turn into a sad, bloated shadow of its former glory!

If you take care of them right, our Aluminium Prints can last a lifetime. They can brighten even the blandest backyard patio or utilitarian garage. Don’t be surprised if you start a fan club when people spot your works of art on the verandah!