Using Canvas Prints to Earn Money

The world is rapidly changing in almost every way. This change is driven by a variety of technologies, from GPS technology to canvas printing online.

Ordinary citizens are asserting their ability to engage in commerce in ways that weren’t possible years before. From selling rides in their cars to renting out unused bedrooms to creating and selling custom canvas prints of their art or photography, people are able to engage in work all without having to get a formal job.

The New Economy often requires nothing more than an idea, a smartphone, and some impetus – like, for example, taking photos and creating affordable cheap canvas prints.


Business Idea: Cheap Canvas Printing

Everyone thinks they could be a professional photographer; after all, how hard can it be? Simply take as many pictures as possible and surely a few are bound to come out well, right?

In the past, it was true that to be a professional photographer you would need specialised training, equipment, and experience – and to a certain extent that is still true. But the Sharing Economy has lowered the bar for entry into the photography industry.


Today, everyone has a decent camera in their pocket that auto-focuses and produces high-resolution photos. Editing software and pre-loaded filters are more and more affordable in order to improve and modify your photos. It is now possible for amateur photographers to develop their skills over time and create high-quality, unique photos to be used for canvas prints.

If you have an eye for photography, the key is to create unique, creative images that a large variety of people will have an interest in. While people may prefer to avoid expensive wedding photography or professional photography in general, everyone likes to decorate their homes with interesting images. Take your best photos and offer them as custom canvas prints.

Getting canvas prints made is simple and affordable. After creating your photographs, you can add the profit margin of your choosing and shipping costs. Then your prints will be ready to send!

No More Galleries and Canvas Photo Prints

In the past, a serious, artistic photographer would have to get into galleries and acquire a patron. This process often took a lifetime. Otherwise, they would have to scramble for grant monies and other programs in order to support themselves while pursuing their art. But today you can leverage photo canvas printing to have a virtual gallery – the Internet.

Creating a compelling and engaging website will reach just as many art lovers as a physical gallery – or possibly even more. Costs are very low, and your website-slash-gallery remains up 24 hours a day as an advertisement for your work.

And if someone sees one of your images and wishes to acquire it, it’s a simple process. They pay, you create the print on canvas and ship it out. As you build a reputation you’ll get more and more orders as people strive to have your creative touch be part of their lives.

The best part is, you don’t have to be a “serious” artist – perhaps you’re simply someone who enjoys taking pictures and then applying some creative editing to them on your computer. There is a market out there already waiting to buy your prints. You just need to offer your customers something no one else does: personalised canvas prints.

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