Creating a Unified Look with Canvas Printing


When it comes to interior design in any room of your home, we all know that one of the keys is to tie everything together. Some folks take this a bit too literally and create designs that are coordinated to the extreme, forgetting (or having never learned) that when textures and colours are repeated too much they fatigue the eye and visitors end up disliking the room without being able to articulate exactly why.

What others forget is that when unifying a room’s look, the art on your walls can play a major – and powerfully subtle – role. Instead of unifying through colour, a more effective way is to put colour matching in the background and think more in terms of lines and images, using canvas printing to make a room more unified and cohesive.

Canvas Printing and Shapes

One of the most powerful ways to make a design unified is to reproduce lines and shapes in subtle ways that the subconscious will recognise and process. When these patterns repeat themselves in different contexts, it reinforces the idea that every aspect of the room is part of a whole. Consider, for example, this incredible kitchen design.

Note how the tall, skinny flower vases mimic the tall, skinny figures in the painting on the wall, as well as the colour (more subtly). The key here is that there is nothing explicit about the connection – they aren’t matchy-matchy, they’re echoes of each other in different formats.


Lines and Patterns

Another way to use canvas printing to achieve this unifying effect is to consider patterns and repeat them. For example, if your kitchen counter or table tops in a room have a distinct grain or pattern to them, look for art pieces that reproduce those patterns. This will naturally connect your walls with your surfaces – and, if you plan well, can even extend to the floors. This way, even though all the aspects of your room are different materials and shades, they will feel like part of a whole.

Paintings and Photos

One final and very subtle way of tying a room together is to choose your wall art from the reading material used as decoration. Choose a favourite coffee table book of artwork or photographs, whether by a single beloved artist or with an overview of a style or school of art. Next, choose your favourite or two from the book and have them turned into smashing pieces of wall art. Then leave the book decorously open – but not to the picture you’ve chosen. The effect will be subtle, but powerful.

Pulling a room together is a skill – but it’s a skill you can learn. Using your walls, floors, and surfaces together is the key. When you’ve figured out your plan for tying your room together, click here and we’d be honoured to create your wall art.