Why Use HD Metal Prints?

Why Use HD Metal Prints?

With metal prints, it’s easy to inject your personality into any space. Metal prints have a sleek, gallery-style finish that can elevate any space. Created using high-quality aluminium panels, our HD Metal Prints are tough, durable and weatherproof.

Metal prints can create the perfect high-impact look for indoor spaces. But their durable finish means they can also last well in outdoor areas, even under harsh weather conditions. It’s rare to find high-impact outdoor art, so these prints are a great versatile art option, especially for courtyards.

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How are our HD metal prints made?

We create our high-impact HD metal prints using a process called dye sublimation. So, how does it all work?

First, we print the artwork onto transfer paper. Then, we attach the transfer paper onto a coated HD metal sheet.

Next, we place both onto a professional heat press. This allows the dyes on the transfer paper to heat into gas so that they can be pressed onto the surface of the HD metal sheet. Once completed and the metal begins to cool, the dyes begin to return to their solid state.

The end result is the infusion of your image with the HD metal print – creating something truly unique. Your images will take on a sharp, yet magical luminescence on the surface of the metal.

Benefits of HD Metal Prints 

So, why would you choose metal prints over canvas, acrylic or a regular framed picture? Here’s why:

  • They won’t fade. At Canvas Factory, we offer a 60-year no-fade guarantee 
  • Our HD Metal prints are durable and scratch-resistant, making them perfect for high-traffic areas
  • A fully-versatile look which can be modern or more classic
  • Able to withstand high temperatures and bright sunlight
  • Easy to clean material. You can wipe metal prints directly on their surface, making them perfect for kids’ rooms
  • Very lightweight; despite the durability and material of our prints, they are surprisingly lightweight, making them easy to transport or move around the house
  • Detailed, sharp finish
  • Brighter colours
  • Fully customisable
  • A tough exterior which will outlast all weather conditions

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Hear From An Interior Designer

Want to hear what an interior designer thinks about HD metal prints?

“HD metal prints are a fantastic option for showcasing high-impact images or art and can really convey high-end styling. I personally love using them in many of my interior design projects. Don’t be limited to bold colours only, they work just as beautifully with dark shades with contrasting elements.” Ally Daley of Upstyled Interiors | Interior Designer,  Launceston, Tasmania.

What makes our HD Metal Prints the best?

At Canvas Factory, we take pride in producing the highest quality prints possible. Our HD metal prints are:

Waterproof: This makes the prints incredibly easy to clean.  

Varied Size Range: Available in a wide range of sizes, the hardest decision you’ll have to make is where to hang them.

Durable: Our fully customisable, durable HD metal Prints provides you with the opportunity to preserve your favourite photos for years to come.

Colour won’t fade: Your image will be professionally infused into the surface to ensure a quality look and feel. Our prints have a 60-year no-fade guarantee so you can feel confident when you buy!

High-Quality Finish: Two factors that result in an excellent metal photo print are the quality of metal photo panels and the expertise of the print service provider. The quality of the metal photo panels can differ greatly based on where you’re getting your prints.

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How to get high-quality metal prints

So, how can you create HD metal prints from photos? At Canvas Factory, we ensure quality by focusing on consistent base coatings along with extremely high-quality HD metal.

Our expert print team have the expertise to get the strongest colour and most vibrant definition from the metal used. We have the ability to reproduce different colours and tones accurately. We use the highest quality inks that are profiled specifically for metal panels.


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