Personalised Photo Books

Personalised Photo Books

A Canvas Factory Personalised Photo Book is the perfect way to store all of your photos from those special moments in your life.

Our photo books are available in a variety of finishes, and you can match your theme to the occasion, such as weddings, holidays, family gatherings, babies or special occasions.

To make things easier for you, we’ve created this ‘how to’ guide.

Personalised Photo Book

Step 1

Choose your template.

Matching your template to the theme of your photos is easy as we have a variety of templates available as well.

Step 2

Upload your photos.

Upload your photos, amend your page layouts and add text.

Step 3

Choose your finish type.

You’ve created your photo book, now its time to decide how you want it to look. You have 2 options; Matt or Gloss. But what is the difference?

Glossy finish photo papers have a high glare finish.  The higher the gloss level of the finish, the higher the glare.  Photographic images will be highly colourful and deep with a wide colour gamut but If viewed from and angle in strong light conditions, some of the image will not be visible because of reflection off the surface and the viewing angle might need to be adjusted.

Matt paper has no sheen or finish on the surface and has an extremely low reflection property.  They have a lower colour gamut capability although high resolution printing is possible. Images will appear duller on this paper and will not shine in any way.  This paper is mostly used for reports, booklets and presentations where there is no “keepsake” value to the image.

Step 4

Now you have created your personalised photo book, all that is left to do is make payment and your beautifully presented memories will arrive in no time.

To create yours, click here


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