11 Inexpensive Magical Kids Room Ideas

Your children deserve nothing less than a magical childhood. We’ve got plenty of kids room ideas to show you how you can turn your child’s bedroom into an enchanting place of wonder and imagination.

It’s exciting decorating your kids’ rooms, and getting them involved. That said, because kids grow up so quickly, you probably don’t want decor that costs the earth. Explore our favourite magical kids room ideas to give you inspiration for ways of turning an average bedroom into a place of delight for any child.

1. The Passage to Narnia

Kids Room Ideas - Narnia

From Buzzfeed

How about turning the entrance to your kids bedroom into the passage to Narnia? All you need to do is pick up a cheap secondhand wardrobe and remove part of the back.

Then put it in place, and you’ve got the entrance to Narnia! Just remember to make the entrance at the back large enough for you to fit through it as well!

2. Your Child’s Own Mailbox

Kids Room Ideas – Mailbox

By Polka Dot Chair

Do you remember the days when the mailman brought more than unwanted catalogues and bills? Life is still like that for your child, who only knows about party invitations and birthday cards arriving in the mail. Create your child’s own personal mailbox and post little notes to them regularly to allow them to keep the magic of personal handwritten notes alive.

3. Mushroom Stools

Kids Room Ideas - Mushroom Stools

From Buzzfeed

This idea is so simple and is guaranteed to delight any child who loves the idea of an enchanted garden. Start by purchasing inexpensive Mammutt stools from Ikea. Then, simply sew round red cushions with white polka dots and attach them to the top of the stools.

4. A Child’s Nook

Kids Room Ideas - Nook

From Apartment Therapy

This is one of our favourite kids room ideas! What child wouldn’t love a hideaway where they could escape from the world and curl up with a good book? Come to think of it, we would guess that a fair proportion of the adult population would also treasure a perfect little hideaway like this.

5. A Library Wall

Kids Room Ideas - Library Wall

By Project Nursery

Imagine having your childhood books on display like this, as well as having a hidden hideaway to savour your books in private. If you’re looking for a way to encourage your child’s love of reading, this magical library wall and private reading nook would be irresistible to any child.

6. Your Child’s Imagination on Display

Kids Room Ideas - Artwork

Nothing is more magical than your child’s imagination, so hand over some of the creative interior decorating responsibility to your child and encourage them to create their own magical artwork to display in their bedroom. Once your child has poured their imagination out onto paper, take a high-resolution digital image of the finished artwork, upload it to our online photo editing tool, and we’ll turn it into a customised, professional quality canvas print to turn any child’s ordinary bedroom into a magical oasis.

7. Create A Photo Collage

Christmas Gifts To Make - Family Collage

From Canvas Factory

Why not decorate your kids rooms with photos of the whole family? Photo Collages are great, and are super easy to create. All you need to do is get the kids together, and head to Canvas Factory.

Choose a template, and get the kids to choose their favourite photos. Next, help them arrange the images on the print. Hit order and you’re done!

8. Soft Toy Swing

Kids Room Ideas - Toy Storage Swing

By It’s Always Autumn

The problem with most soft toy storage solutions is that the little characters end up being squashed together, with most of them being not visible whilst in storage. For children who think of their stuffed animal collection as furry members of the family, the end result is that kids will usually resist those traditional storage hammocks, and once again their soft toy collection will take up residence all over the house. This fantastic soft toy swing is the perfect solution to the problem, as each furry friend will have their own spot and will be perfectly visible and easy to grab at a moments notice. They also look like they’re having heaps of fun, allowing your child to maintain the magical illusion that their stuffed animal friends are really real.

9. Lego Wall

Kids Room Ideas - Lego Wall

From Hgtv

You don’t have to cover an entire wall – you could just use a small, unused portion of a wall in your kids bedroom and affix Lego boards for your child to build upon. Not only will a Lego wall encourage creative play, it will also allow your child to have freedom over the colour, design, and style of that section of the bedroom, encouraging them to change their bedroom decor at will.

10. Magnet Wall

Kids Room Ideas - Magnet Wall

By A Cup of Jo

When it comes to kids decor, its fun to choose decor they can customise. Similarly to the Lego wall idea above, by magnetising a section of your kids bedroom wall you can give them unbridled access to letters, words, and language.

Allow older children to spell out messages and play around with rhyme and rhythm. Meanwhile, younger children can experiment with simple one syllable words and work towards mastering their sight words. This interactive kids decor idea is perfect for them too play with.

11. Alice in Wonderland Style Fairy Doors

Kids Room Ideas - Alice In Wonderland

By Kate Creative Space

If your child is interested in fairies and other magical creatures, create these tiny doors complete with miniature embellishments like mail slots, doorbells, and doorknobs, to delight any child. After all, it’s the tiniest details they can spark the biggest imaginative play.

Any one of the above ideas will encourage your child’s imagination and creative mind to develop. Set up your child’s bedroom to foster their sense of freedom and imagination. Then just watch as their little minds create amazing magical experiences! If you happen to capture a beautiful photograph of your child’s imagination in full swing, have it professionally printed on canvas to capture the moment forever.


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