Tips for Taking Party Photos that Scream to Be Made Into Canvas Prints

When we at a party, whether it’s an intimate gathering in someone’s tiny apartment downtown, a poolside gala at someone’s mansion in the hills, or in a smoky, dark club with a few dozen of our closest friends, we often don’t even think to take photos that might end up as wall art after we have them transformed into canvas online – we’re too busy having fun. But a party with your friends, co-workers, or family is the perfect place to start snapping photos to be made into canvas prints. You’re literally making memories right there – and if you’re enjoying the party correctly they’re memories you might not retain well the next day.


Still, some people give up taking photos at a party because of the challenges: The bad lighting, the difficulty in getting good group shots, and the way all their photos wind up looking flat and posed, ruining the memory of a great, naturally-flowing time. Here’s a few simple tips that can get your party photography on track towards being canvas prints-worthy.

Party Photos for Canvas Prints – Tip 1: Depth

When we take photos at a party, we all have a tendency to simply leap in front of a few people, shout something like ‘Smile!’ and then snap a photo as everyone puts their arms around each other and leans forward, grinning. There’s always a feeling of urgency at parties that you have to minimise the time you spend making people pose. This results in flat photos where everyone is dead centre in the frame.


Instead, go for depth. This is easily achieved by simply stepping to one side so that one person is slightly closer to the camera. Everyone else will be a little bit behind, and that makes the photo feel like it exists in a three-dimensional space. Your party photos will instantly be more pleasing to the eye and better suited to canvas prints.

Party Photos for Canvas Prints – Tip 2: Props

Sometimes people get shy, even at parties, and when you take their photo their posture and expression just screams ‘awkward.’ Even people who are really the life of the party can get stiff and boring when you point a camera at them.

Sometimes the easiest way to get everyone to relax and loosen up is to give everyone a prop of some sort. It could be part of the party theme – if it’s your party, give everyone something fun to carry around and play with all night, like cards with funny things printed on them, or costume jewellery and oversize glasses. Anything can work, because a prop gives awkward folks something to do when you show up with your camera.

Party Photos for Canvas Prints – Tip 3: Dutch

The ‘Dutch Angle’ is a canted angle (, where the focus of the photo appears to be standing up straight but the background behind them is at an angle. It’s easy to achieve by tilting the camera and then cropping in post-production, and the result is a photo that feels dynamic, because the brain sees the yawing horizon behind the subjects and assumes motion. It’s a simple technique that really works.

Try these easy tricks at your next party or the next time the gang goes out after work. Your photos will improve and not only does that mean you’ll have a much better time reliving these evenings out later on, but you’ll also have more photos worth turning into canvas online. And next time you have some fun party photos to turn into awesome wall art, click here and we’ll be happy to get this party started.