The Ultimate Guide to Creating Custom Photo Gifts in Australia

The Ultimate Guide to Creating Custom Photo Gifts in Australia

Custom photo gifts make the perfect present. They’re personal and thoughtful, yet affordable. After all, anyone can buy a present, but photo gifts require creativity and forethought to create. So, how can you go about finding the best custom photo gifts in Australia?

We know just how to find and create the perfect photo gift for your friends and loved ones. Simply follow our step-by-step guide for creating custom gifts in Australia to produce unique and personalised presents for the most special people in your life.

A Step-by-Step Guide on Building Custom Photo Gifts

Creating custom photo gifts is simple in theory. Yet you want to ensure your custom photo gifts will be used often and showcased with pride in your loved one’s home.

So you want to ensure you pick the right gift and choose your loved one’s favourite memories or scenes. But how can you be sure to get it right?

Well, here’s how to get started!

1. Select Your Photo Gift

First up, decide what kind of photo gift would be best for your friend or family member. At Canvas Factory, there are endless custom photo gifts to choose from.

What you decide to buy will depend on who you’re buying for, what their home looks like, and what their unique tastes are.

You could choose any of the below photo gifts.

  • A photo block; a stylish and contemporary frameless print on a sturdy block that can stand up on its own. Photo blocks are suitable for practically any photo, however, being smaller, they work best for personal photos of family and friends.
  • A photo mug; a gift that is not only decorative, but that is also infinitely useful! Photo mugs can range from the sentimental to more novelty. We offer single image photo mugs as well as collage mugs.
  • Photo pillows are another useful custom photo gift, as well as a fabulous way to add colour and sophistication to your spaces. You can never have too many cushions, after all! Our double-sided photo pillows can be customised with a single image, a collage or try one of our themed photo pillow designs for special occasions.
  • Stubby holders are the perfect novelty photo gift, wedding present or personalised gift to commemorate an important event. Plus, they’re extremely useful, especially for those summer barbeques!
  • Photo books are the perfect way to commemorate an event, like the birth of a new baby, an anniversary, a significant birthday or the end of a trip. Simply choose your theme and upload your images.
custom photo gifts in Australia

2. Choose Your Image

When you’re looking for custom photo gifts in Australia, the way you personalise your gift will depend on who you’re choosing it for, what kind of photo gift you choose and what the present is commemorating, from birthdays to anniversaries or a wedding.

The best part of a custom photo gift is that you can personalise them whichever way you like! You can choose literally any image you like, from something light-hearted like funny pet photos to something a little closer to the heart like a black-and-white photo of a dearly departed loved one.

Some of our favourite ideas for custom photo gifts include:

  • Family photos; either staged or candid photos. You might also want to choose an image from a special moment in your past, such as a family event
  • Couples photos; from a photo shoot or a special moment like a trip you’ve taken together
  • Pet photos of your loved one’s favourite furry friend
  • Scenes of nature, such as your loved one’s favourite place
  • Travel photos of a meaningful place your loved one has been to, or a special place they have always dreamed of travelling to
custom photo gifts in Australia

3. Check Your Image Quality

Before you place an order check your image! After all, you want the best quality product with a sharp image. When you choose your image, be sure to use a high-resolution image. Your digital file should be at least 150dpi to create a high-quality custom photo gift. You can find out the DPI of your image by right-clicking on the image, selecting properties, selecting the details tab and scrolling down. Find out more here.

To get the best possible photo gift, you image should be bright and, ideally, colourful or sharp. If you’re creating a smaller photo gift like a mug or stubby holder, or a gift with a collage, you want your image to be clear, without too much fine detail.

Luckily, at Canvas Factory, we have our PROdesign service available. With this service, our team will check multiple aspects of the image such as the image’s DPI, resolution, size, brightness and contrast.

Then they can make all small adjustments to enhance your image. That means they might straightening and crop your image or touching up your portraits. Too easy!

photo book

4. Order Your Custom Photo Gift

Finally, get ready to order your custom photo gift! Our easy-to-use order template makes it as simple as possible to see what your photo gifts will look like before ordering. You can check your photo preview and make any adjustments or add effects to your images.

You can add your images, make all the customisations you like and then simply click to order – it’s that simple!

At Canvas Factory, we create some of the best custom photo gifts in Australia, made by local Australian printing houses. Our photo gifts are made using the highest quality materials and printers. For a more affordable option, try one photo gift or purchase several for a larger gift, such as a set of three matching Photo Blocks.

Check out our extensive range to see what’s on offer.

If you’re short on photos, browse our enormous selection of images here to customise your photo gifts with.


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