Cute Valentines Day Ideas That Don’t Cost A Fortune

Cute Valentines Day Ideas That Don’t Cost A Fortune


So despite the fact I’m single as a pringle and my last big romantic moment was between myself and my pizza last Sunday, (the chemistry was amazing, just saying) I’m actually reasonably good at this valentine’s day business. Mainly because I spend a lot of my Saturday nights analyzing romantic comedies, patting my cats and reading self-help books on why I’m alone.

Joking guys; I’m clearly a dog person. Anyway, I digress. Valentine’s day, the national day allocated specifically to remind me that there are over 7 billion people in the world and I’m still alone, is just around the corner. And I’m here to help you find cute valentines day ideas for your partner, because that makes me really really happy, on the inside. I’m crying tears of joy alright?!

So whatever stage you are at in your relationship I’ve looked high and low on the inter-webs and beyond to come up with some cool ideas for valentine’s day this year. And not only that, I’ve come up with ideas that won’t cost you a fortune, because My Love Don’t Cost a Thing. Well, your love probably doesn’t cost a thing. I’m just waiting for someone I can love more than pizza, and that’s some pretty big shoes (or should I say box?) to fill.

Honeymoon Stage

Cute Valentines Day Ideas - Park

Ahhhhhhhhhhh. The honeymoon stage, it’s the best. Your heart still skips a beat every time you see each other and you are at the point where you still find each other’s habits and idiosyncrasies endearing instead of what they really are- annoying as all hell.

Normally this stage is pretty early in the relationship where you still want to spend every second together. So why not take advantage of this? Instead of outlaying money on flowers, chocolates or a teddy bear why not organise an activity together instead? Do something fun and revisit your youth by building a forte out of blankets and have a nerf gun war, play hide and seek in the park or if you want to spend a little bit of money rock up to your nearest airport. Book the cheapest flight going wherever and stay the weekend. That’s first on my list of things to do with my future husband Bradley Cooper. I’m sure he’s never visited Humpybond in QLD on a Tiger Air $40 dollar flight before.

A couple of years into the relationship

Cute Valentines Day Ideas - Love Jar

By Creme de la Craft

I’m not implying that you are in any way less in love than the initial stages of a relationship. However, the longer we are in a relationship life and other distractions tend to get in the way. Sometimes after the honeymoon period, we can accidentally get in the habit of taking each other for granted and we often forget to remind each other we appreciate them.

Instead of spending a lot of money this Valentine’s day, why not put together something that reminds your partner that despite the fact they always leave their dirty socks on the floor and they fart in their sleep, you still think they are a bit of all-right?

Hide heart shaped post-it notes with your favourite qualities of them in their lunch or the book they are reading or their jacket pocket. Create a jar of notes starting with I Love You Because….. Or pre-plan 12 dates- one a month for the rest of the year and make sure you go on them.

Family with Kids

Cute Valentines Day Ideas - Beach

Before I go on, I think you two lovebirds should totally take a second to high five each other or pinch each other on the butt or something, because having a family is hard work. Though I have been told from several sources in the know that creating mini you’s is the best thing you’ll ever achieve in life- well mostly from my mum and she has to say that, but anyway, it’s also challenging, stressful and time-consuming. And leaves very little time for romance in your relationship.

So this Valentine’s day why not declare the day a child free zone?!. I don’t care who you have to pay, bribe or blackmail, get someone to mind the kids for the day and ban all conversation that involves them. Spend the day being just a couple again. Maybe you just want to relax in each other’s company, take a walk, go to the beach with a bottle of wine or whatever it is you used to do pre-kids.

Married For Years and Then Some

Cute Valentines Day Ideas - Canvas

If you’ve been married for years and then some I’m sure you’ve come up with some cracking valentines presents over time, or at least, be doing something right to keep the romance alive. However, if you have gotten a little complacent of late why not do something really special this year for your partner?

Why not take your partner back to the restaurant you had your very first date in if it’s still around? Or take the first photo you ever took together into a beautiful canvas print to hang around your home. It’s the perfect affordable gift for your partner. Purchase one here today!


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