Personalised Anniversary Gifts For Life’s Beautiful Memories

Personalised Anniversary Gifts For Life’s Beautiful Memories

Each year of being married brings so many new joys and challenges. So it’s important to stop and reflect every now and then. Anniversary milestones give us that opportunity. Whether it’s an intimate dinner for two or a big family party, there are endless personalised anniversary gifts to suit the occasion.

Discover beautiful anniversary gifts for your spouse, parents or even grandparents. Marriages are rarely successful in a bubble. With the support of family and friends, a marriage can flourish over the course of years and even the decades to come.

Let the celebrations begin with these personalised anniversary gift ideas!

New love: 1-year personalised anniversary gift ideas

From single prints to collages, from canvas to glass, from photos to poetry – the options are endless.

Your love is new and so is this whole wedding anniversary gifts thing. Be sure to take some time to think through what might make the best impact for your special spouse.

Your ideas for one-year anniversary gifts might include flowers or chocolates, but why not do something a little different? Your loved one will adore a personalised photo print.

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2nd wedding anniversary gifts

By your second wedding anniversary, your love grows stronger each day. You might even be thinking about growing your own family or taking the next steps in your marriage.

But that doesn’t mean you have to put away your party shoes just yet. Take a moment to pause to enjoy each other’s company and relish in the freedom of life, especially if you haven’t had any little ones yet!

Wedding anniversary gifts should mirror the phase of your life you’re in. That’s why photos for your home or office make ideal personalised anniversary gifts. Give your partner memories that live on for years, no matter what comes next.

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personalised anniversary gift ideas

4th wedding anniversary gifts

The 4th year may not be the most significant milestone in the anniversary world, but it certainly doesn’t mean it should be forgotten.

Just because your 4th anniversary isn’t a massive milestone, doesn’t mean it should be swept under the rug. There’s no need to lose sight of what’s important with this awesome collection of personalised anniversary gifts for her and him.

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wedding anniversary gift ideas

You did it! 5 year anniversary gift ideas

Celebrate your 5-year milestone in style with personalised anniversary gifts that your loved one will treasure for years to come.

Rather than cluttering the home you share together with more useless “stuff”, express your love in a unique way. Gift them some striking wall art that will quickly become one of their most treasured possessions.

Five years together is a fantastic achievement, so a personalised anniversary gift is the way to go. You never know, wall art may even become your “thing” together!

That way you can honour your anniversary milestones with personalised anniversary gifts every year! Consider a thoughtful quote on a colourful single Canvas Print. It might be a love poem or a visual tally of all the days, months, minutes and seconds you’ve been together.

An even more creative wedding anniversary gift idea is to create a collage featuring five photos. You can choose one from each of the five years with the two of you sharing a special moment together. Shop for anniversary gifts here.

Celebrate 10 years of love and laughter

After 10 years, you probably know each other better than you know yourself! Keep the romance alive with personalised anniversary gifts that display just how much you care.

Step outside the gift box with a truly unique anniversary gift that will bring your loved one joy. Get those digital photos from your smartphone and transform them into art!

Done lots of travelling? Create personalised anniversary gifts using our travel-themed canvas. Or you can design your own, filling the frames with whatever you like. You can add travel quotes, love messages or simply photos of all your best memories.

Share a hobby together? Whether it’s golf, cycling, bushwalking or even playing bridge, honour the time you spend together by printing a photo series.

Once you compile all your photos, sit together and choose which images you’d like to include in a collage or wall display.

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Want to make those 20 years count?

After 20 years together, it’s easy to get complacent. After so many years, you might be lucky to even remember your anniversary.

Make it count with 20th wedding anniversary gifts and show your spouse you truly care.

Express yourself with a personalised anniversary gift by creating a wonderful wall display. You can honour your family life or treat your partner to something romantic like a heart collage or creative work of art.

The wonderful thing about customised art is that uniquely suited to an individual’s sense of style, their personality and your budget.

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Stylish 25th wedding anniversary ideas

Get the silver wedding anniversary party started right with our personalised anniversary gifts. After all, it’s a lucky couple who are still in love after 25 years!

A photo board at a big milestone party like this is a given. Now imagine if that photo board was displayed as a quality collage or wall display that could be kept forever?

Get the family together to pitch in to buy a stunning, stylish, large canvas, glass or steel print. A personalised print will amaze and delight the wonderful couple. You can either add a canvas to display at a party or as a personalised anniversary gift to hang on the wall and keep forever.

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personalised anniversary gift ideas

30th wedding anniversary gift ideas

Embrace the pearl with 30th wedding anniversary gifts that match the wonder of love and commitment.

If she loves pearls, this is the perfect opportunity to gift her with something that incorporates this exquisite jewel of the sea – a creative photo display featuring pearls.

It’s a clever concept for the woman who has everything (including a string of pearls) and an ingenious idea for the man who can’t afford everything (like a string of pearls!).

The best thing about such thoughtful anniversary gifts is they’re not only a great party treat, they end up as memories that live on long past the gift-giving ritual has ended.

Browse pearl wedding gifts here.

Let love shine in with a ruby anniversary

Achieving 40 years together deserves the best of the best, so think beyond the canvas and instead consider glass and metal.

Give your photo gift a ruby glow by printing your favourite photo or photo series to acrylic glass or brushed aluminium.

When shopping for ruby wedding anniversary gifts, anything red can work wonders as a personalised anniversary gift to celebrate the 40th year.

Rather than just a bunch of roses, gift a work of rose art or a personalised photo print.

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50 years together sure is golden

Celebrate this incredible 50 year milestone by remembering the years gone by. A golden wedding anniversary isn’t just about marking 50 years, it’s about reflecting on all those years this impressive couple has experienced together.

Put family front and centre with one of our personalised anniversary gifts. Create a stunning wall display featuring photos of the happy couple together over the years.

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Diamonds for a 60th wedding anniversary

Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but when it comes to 60 years together, men are equally deserving of receiving exquisite gifts.

A diamond wedding anniversary can be one the happy couple can enjoy together. It’s the perfect time to create original photo gifts that truly commemorate 60 years together.

Honour the happy couple with a personalised anniversary gift from the heart. A Photo Collage or Wall Display featuring photos of their wonderful support network sharing time together is a great gift.

For an artsy effect, find images or diamonds and intersperse them across multiple frames. Alternatively, let the photos speak for themselves.

You can also add even more pizzazz by using Canva to create a quote or a love poem within a diamond. After 60 years, this awe-inspiring couple no doubt have everything they need, so plates, jewels and clothing won’t cut it.

Personalised anniversary gifts will hold a special place in the couples hearts. Create something they can gaze upon every day with love.

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Thoughtful anniversary gifts for him

Give your man a gift he won’t stop talking about for years; something that honours that special bond that only the two of you share. Finding the right kind of anniversary gifts for men can be a nightmare. It feels odd to give your guy flowers, it feels cheap to give chocolates and thoughtless to buy alcohol.

There are so many possibilities when you think about all the personalised anniversary gift ideas on offer. With over 40 different collage templates to choose from, you are sure to find something to suit your man’s unique personality. Choose from traditional, themed, modish and silhouette styles.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. For something truly spectacular consider a smart Split Canvas Print or classy Wall Display. These are all available in canvas, glass or metal at Canvas Factory.

If you want to take your personalised gift to the next level, your new best friend will be Canva. Canva is a tool that lets you create colourful quotes without needing any graphic design skills.

So, add your own special words to a photo collage or wall display for a truly unique and personalised anniversary gift idea.

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Anniversary gifts for her

Watch as she falls in love with you all over again with a gift from the heart that only you can give.

When it comes to anniversary gifts for women, there are endless options. The key here is to make the gift so special that she’ll remember it for years to come.

love message gift

Say “I love you” literally – by drawing the words in sand, in ink or in the sky. Just be sure to take a photo! Then simply photograph your special love note and order a print in canvas, glass or metal.

She’ll love it – and you – forever and always. Check out more personalised anniversary gifts for her here.

We hope that this article has helped you find unique and thoughtful personalised gifts. If not, check out our range here.


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