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Photo Blocks

Create Your Own Photo Block

Photo blocks are a stylish and contemporary new way to display your favourite photographs. To create your photo block all you need to do is select and upload your favourite image, then choose your size, colour and finish types. Photo blocks can come in black or white, with a matt or gloss finish.

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Block Mounted Photos

Photo blocks are a great new way to show of your treaured images. Your image will cover the whole front face of the photo block from border to border. The block itself comes with the option of either black or white with a matt or gloss finish. The photo block leans at a slight backward angle to allow better viewing on a desk or mantlepiece, and there is also the option to hang the block on a wall.

Available Photo Block Sizes

  • Photo Block 10 x 15cm $17.60
    $22.00 Save (20%)
  • Photo Block 15 x 10cm $17.60
    $22.00 Save (20%)
  • Photo Block 12 x 17cm $22.40
    $28.00 Save (20%)
  • Photo Block 17 x 12cm $22.40
    $28.00 Save (20%)
  • Photo Block 15 x 20cm $28.00
    $35.00 Save (20%)
  • Photo Block 20 x 15cm $28.00
    $35.00 Save (20%)
  • Photo Block 20 x 25cm $36.00
    $45.00 Save (20%)
  • Photo Block 25 x 20cm $36.00
    $45.00 Save (20%)