The Slow Approach to Canvas Photo Prints


If the modern age is defined by anything, it’s speed. Everyone’s in a rush to get things done, to move on to the next thing, to finish up. We can indulge in this need for speed because of modern technology – we’re always connected at super-fast speeds and we can get any answer or tick off any task at almost any time, no problem. Our ancestors would have done the same, if they hadn’t been limited by their technology – and our descendants will likely get to do things even faster.

Still, there are aspects of life that benefit from a slower approach. Interior design is one of them. Just because you can go from photos on your hard drive to canvas photo prints in just a few days doesn’t mean it’s the best approach – sometimes it’s better, design-wise, to wait a little bit and take the Slow Approach.

The Slow Approach to Canvas Photo Prints

For most people, decorating a room is a race. The moment they think it’d be nice to change the look and feel of the space, they’re rushing to choose colours, furniture, and art for the walls. There are often a lot of marathon shopping sessions as they push themselves to get everything down now, right away, as if one more week with a blank wall will destroy everything.

Instead, the Slow Approach works like this: Choose a theme, a subject, a strategy. It might be your family, or places you’ve been, achievements you’ve accomplished, or anything else. Then: Start choosing images to turn into canvas photo prints for the wall. The trick is, take your time. If it’s achievements or stunning travel pictures, start with what you have, leave room for the rest, and add them only as you go. Yes, it might take a decade to complete the design – but that design will mean a lot more to you once you’re finished.

Ideas Ideal for the Slow Approach

The Slow Approach is all about building a story and a history. Some ideas that are perfect for this approach are:


  • An Achievement Wall in a Child’s Room: Celebrate everything your child accomplishes in life with gorgeous, permanent trophies on their wall as part art installation, part trophy case.
  • A Holiday Map in the Family Room: Every time you go somewhere, take a certain kind of photo. A shot from your hotel room, a photo from the plane as you land, the meal you enjoyed the most, the beach, the bar – whatever says ‘you’. Then arrange it on the wall in an approximation of where it is on the world map!
  • Food Glamour Shots from Dinner Parties: Like having friends and family over for dinner parties? Take a ‘food selfie’ of what you serve at each one, make it into a piece of art, and then hang it on your ‘Wall of Food Fame’ in the kitchen – or, for bragging purposes, the dining room!

Whatever you choose to do the Slow Way is fine – it’s supposed to be personal and unique. The only thing you have to decide, really, is that you don’t want to rush through a design that’s pretty but shallow – you want to take your time and create a design that’s meaningful and personal.

When you have your first Slow Approach image, click here and we’ll kick things off with a beautiful, high-quality print.