Remembering Mum on Mother’s Day when She’s No Longer with You

Life is funny, and a bit cruel. As Mother’s Day approaches it’s a happy time for most as they make plans to gather with the family and honour their Mum and enjoy each other’s company. But for many of us whose mothers have passed on to the next thing, it’s a bittersweet moment. On the one hand it’s lovely – and healthy – to take a moment out of our busy year to recall her and celebrate her legacy with our siblings and other family or those who knew her. On the other hand, it can be a painful moment, because it underscores her absence.


For those of us who have lost our Mums, Mother’s Day is less about celebration and more about keeping her memory alive – for both you and your siblings and your own children. Making certain that Mum is a presence in their lives as well can help you get past the pain of her loss. Just because she’s gone doesn’t mean you shouldn’t celebrate her with a gift – there are plenty of ways to honour her memory this Mother’s Day and keep her part of your life – here are a few ideas.

Remembering Mum with a Canvas Print

It’s a proven fact that seeing someone on a daily basis keeps their memory clear and vibrant in your mind. There’s a reason people often hide photos after a painful breakup – seeing their ex keeps that memory clear and fresh in their minds. If you don’t have photos of your Mum around you, you won’t forget her, necessarily – but you’ll find that time passes when you simply don’t think of her. And for someone who loved you so completely and was such a big part of your life that would be a tragedy.

A gorgeous canvas print created from a beautiful photo of her that captures her at the height of her powers and her life will ensure that you never lose track of the effect this woman had on you, and the bond you share with her. It’s a beautiful way to honour her memory and bring her into your daily life. A few tips for selecting the photo:


  • Don’t go formal! Choose a photo that captures how she lived. If she was a formal woman, that’s one thing, but if your memories of her included her in muddy jeans, laughing at a family picnic, that’s the image to use.
  • Seek a solo shot. Mum loved her family and you might think that a family portrait is suitable – but the impact will be greater if you use a photo of just her.
  • Go Large. A big, beautiful canvas print represents the love and respect you had for her – smaller prints can be ordered, but get at least one large one for the main room.

Remembering Mum: Celebrate Mother’s Day

Some people react to the loss of their Mum by no longer acknowledging Mother’s Day, finding the holiday to be painful. However, taking your new canvas print and inviting the family over for a gathering in honour of your Mum is a wonderful way to celebrate her life.

After all, just because she’s gone doesn’t mean that she didn’t bring joy and love to your and yours – celebrate that! Life is meant to be celebrated, not survived. Ask yourself if Mum would have loved a good party – and then give her one, with her portrait in canvas at centre stage, and the beloved family and friends gathered around her, happy, successful, and loving because she raised them to be so.

There’s immense power in being able to celebrate the love of your Mum instead of dwelling on her passing – it keeps her alive in your heart and mind. When you’ve found the ideal image that captures who she was, and who she will always be to you, click here and we will do right by her – and you – with a gorgeous canvas print.