Three Reasons to Use Online Photo Printing Instead of Printing at Home

One of the most beneficial side-effects of modern technology is the sheer number of options it’s given us for traditionally limited things. Photography is a great example; where we once enjoyed a very limited number of options when it came to our personal and holiday photos – basically getting standard prints or slides, with the occasional larger print for special occasions – today we have our choice of amazing channels to put our photos into through the services offered via online photo printing.


Still, many people don’t choose the route of online printing for a variety of reasons, instead choosing to invest in home-printing options. While home printing can give you instant gratification and is fine for small-scale projects, online printing carries with it several distinct advantages that make going that route almost always a better choice than printing at home.

Disadvantages of Home Printing

Many people choose to print their photos at home because they think it’s a cheaper and easier option. Instead of paying someone else for a beautiful print in a variety of formats that arrives a few days or weeks later, they can just press the ‘print’ button and watch the photo emerge from their printer on high-quality photo paper for free.

Of course, it’s not free, is it? The printer itself cost money, and the ink and paper are ongoing costs. The cheaper and more of a ‘bargain’ your printer is, the sooner it will wear out and need replacing (especially considering the extra wear and tear high-quality colour printing on thick paper will cause it), and colour ink isn’t cheap – in fact, by weight colour ink is one of the most expensive things in the world today!


Finally, even the best home printer setup can’t beat the quality of online photo printing. Home-printed photos are prone to streaks and fading. Try this: Print a photo at home at the highest quality settings. Then print the same photo online and compare the two. You’ll never choose to print at home again.

Advantages of Online Photo Printing

There are two main advantages to choosing an online service to print your photos.

One is quality. Using high-end industrial printers means the photos you get back will always be perfect, with none of the streaking or fading prone to home-printed photos. Professional online printed photos will also last longer because the ink and photo paper used is far better than what you can purchase for your home even with a high-end consumer colour printer.

The other, more important aspect is variety of choice. With an online printing service you can not only get simple high-quality prints, you can get canvas prints, glass or acrylic prints, poster-sized prints, prints on sticky wallpaper stock – almost anything you can imagine. That kind of variety means you can be creative with how and where your photos are displayed in ways you’ll never be able to match at home.

At-home printing of photos is really just a convenience for quick projects. If you want your photos to really wow people and really bring some life and colour to your home, your best choice is to go online – every time. When you’ve come to this conclusion yourself, click here to upload your photos and turn them into something amazing you’d never manage on your own!