Print Photos Trends to Watch for in 2014

As with any aspect of home decor or interior design – or any kind of creative or artistic expression – the way we use print photos changes on a regular basis. Just like any other creative endeavour, we all need a fresh take and a new direction on a regular basis – even if the ‘new’ idea is actually an old one that has been out of the loop long enough to be reborn. These days, technology has freed our photo prints from their traditional bonds, and we can use them in a huge variety of ways, from wall art to party favours to anything our imagination can dream up.


Like everything else, there are trends in how people are using their pictures and photos to decorate their homes and their lives. Since it’s our business to keep an eye out for these sorts of trends, we’ve collected here the three trends for using print photos that are going to be the cutting edge of creativity in 2014.

Trend #1: The Polaroid Print

The past is always with us, and if you can no longer get a real Polaroid instant photo with its iconic white border and square shape (and iconic poor colour quality), you can use modern technology for what it was always meant to be used for: Replicating older technology.

One of the big trends for 2014 in canvas photo prints and other wall art will be making things look like Polaroids, albeit in larger scale and with artistic flourishes. The Classic Polaroid look shows a respect for the past and the history of photography combined with a good design sense of using the Polaroid’s straight lines and natural framing to good effect. From canvas prints designed to look like giant Polaroids to collages made from dozens of smaller ‛Polaroid’ prints, this trend is going to be everywhere.


Trend #2: Instagram Filters

From the past to the present: You’ve no doubt finally heard of Instagram, the online service where people instantly share photos with each other. One of the key features of the site is the ability to instantly apply filters to your photos for a fast, professional look. Some of these filters have become Internet classics, like Rise, Hudson, or Lo-Fi, and once you know what they look like you can spot them in a moment.

In 2014, these filters are finally making their way into interior design and onto wall art from print photos. When planning your room design, you can either run your photos through Instagram, or use similar filters in your photo manipulation program in order to be on-trend.

Trend #3: Print Photos Everywhere

Finally, technology is telling us to get our photos off the walls and onto … everything.

Using your photos solely for wall art and canvas prints is totally last year – this year, we’re seeing photos being used everywhere. Colourful, bold prints used as table decor, place settings, room dividers, throw pillows – just about any place where your design plan calls for colour and visuals is now open season for well-chosen photo prints. If your design only has pictures on the walls, your home is going to be slightly out of date from the get-go.

And there you have it: The print photos trends for 2014. It’s easy to stay on trend these days, because all of the tools you need are available online, at your fingertips. When you’ve figured out how you want to use your photos this year, click here and we’ll be happy to help you create the wall art that’s now just the starting point for your photo print design ideas!