Online Printing and the Classroom: Projects for Kids

Technology affects every part of our world, from smartphones replacing our landlines and alarm clocks; to online printing replacing slide projectors and photo albums. New technologies and devices are empowering, so it’s little wonder that they are embraced by educators. Teachers are always looking for new ways to teach lessons or give their students creative outlets, and Internet-based, affordable printing services offer a raft of fun ways to update the classroom.


Children always welcome creative projects – especially ones that have a strong visual element. In the modern age they also welcome projects that mimic their online experiences to some degree. Kids today have grown up with the Internet and devices, and if you hand a toddler a magazine they will often attempt to ‘swipe’ it like a tablet. Incorporating these elements into projects combined with art prints can be a great way to engage students of any age and get them excited about school and learning.

Replacing the School Holiday Project with Online Printing

No one is suggesting that we do away with writing skills altogether – but one of the mainstays of primary school could be upgraded to a more modern approach without really losing anything. The classic start-of-the-new-term project regarding what the student did with their school holidays has never been about writing skills. It’s more of a softball way to get them back into the swing of things.

So, instead of a dull report, read awkwardly in front of the class, why not assign a more visually-engaging project? Before the holidays, instruct each student to take at least three photos that represent their activities over break. Then each student makes a presentation with their photos – either on a tablet, projected on the wall, or with physical print photos, depending on the school’s technology and budget.

The highest-graded presentations will have their photos turned into canvas prints and hung in a special place on the walls for a period of time. When the next school holidays come up, the students get their photo canvas back, and a new competition begins.

Visualising Science


Another opportunity to incorporate the visual is with science lessons. Science is an incredibly visual subject, and often children who think science is dull can suddenly become very interested once they see some of the amazing imagery that the microscopic world or the universe itself can offer.

The science project is a staple of most classrooms – so all you need to do is include a visual requirement that the student research images that support their project. These could be super-cool magnifications of viruses or cells or tiny creatures, mind-blowing space images from the Hubble telescope, or anything else that fits in with their assignment and theme. Again, holding a mini Science Fair with prizes for the best projects could include turning their amazing science images into first-class canvas prints with cheap online printing, and the student would get to take the images home to hang on their wall with pride.

The possibilities are literally endless: Learning is an adventure, and capturing and printing stunning images is part of that journey. Affordable, high-quality online printing is part of the modern world’s offering to students everywhere. When your student has their project all set up, click here and we would love to be your academic printer of choice.