Memorialising Your Career Achievements with Canvas Printing

Whatever it is you do for a living, your career is like as not a huge part of your life and your identity. For good or for bad, we tend to find work that speaks to us and inspires us to ambitious goals, and our projects at work become the way we measure our lives and the things we might want to immortalise using canvas printing. This is perfectly natural; when you spend half your time in a place with a certain group of people all working towards a single goal, it’s easy to get caught up – and when you succeed at work, you feel like you’re succeeding at life.


That leads to your War Stories – the projects that started with a sketch on a cocktail napkin, or a casual conversation. The eureka! moments when you suddenly see a solution to a problem. And then, of course, Launch Day or Release Day or simply the last day of your months- or years-long project when you can look back and appreciate all of your effort. That’s when you’ll naturally want to memorialise the event – and there’s no better way than with photos on canvas. Here’s a couple of War Stories from our customers at the office who used canvas art to celebrate and mark their triumphs.

Canvas Printing War Story: The Football Diagram of Doom

Diana took a new job two years ago at a large corporation in order to lead an important new project. At her first meeting with her new boss, she was filled with questions: She asked him about the budget, about hiring staff, about resources and strategy. And when she was done, her new boss nodded sagely and smiled and said “Yep, those are great questions. Let me know how you wind up answering them”.

Terrified and excited all at once, she then turned the conversation to the project specifics. Her new boss began to sketch on a piece of paper the general idea behind it. He was a huge sports fan, and his sketch quickly took on the vague outlines of a play diagram: Wobbly circles, boxes, and lines. While she totally understood what he meant, Diana looked at his sketches and had a sinking feeling: They were nearly meaningless in their vagueness.

Years later, when the time came to pop champagne and announce the launch of the new product, Diana was trying to think of ways to mark the occasion. She came across those vague old sketches and had the brilliancy: She had them scanned and printed as photos on canvas. She presented a set to her boss and kept one for her own office, and loved to tell visitors the story that these were the details she was given, and she managed to make them into a complex and successful new product!

Canvas Printing War Story: The First Banknote

Another of our usual wall art customers contacted us about celebrating a different sort of anniversary: Their parents were retiring from running the small shop that had funded their whole family for decades. After working ten and twelve hour days seven days a week for most of their lives, they were finally in a position to retire and enjoy some vacation time.


But far from hating the spot of their toil, his parents loved the old shop and what they’d achieved there and were sad, in a way, to leave it. So he decided to salvage a bit of meaningful nostalgia for them: He took the crumpled, faded first banknotes from their very first sale, which had been taped up on the wall over the cash register for decades, and had them scanned in, as-is, stains and all (he wanted to check with us about scans of money, but since no one can reasonably use canvas prints of cash to buy things there’s really no issue on our end!) and wanted them turned into brilliant photos on canvas.

He presented the prints to his parents at the party celebrating their retirement and there were tears all around. His parents still had the original notes as well, but their beautiful arrangement on big, bold wall art was the master stroke.

We’d love to hear your stories, too. How have you used canvas printing to celebrate and mark a professional achievement? And, when you have your next office triumph to celebrate, send us something to work with and then click here and we’d love to be part of it through our expert canvas printing services.