Making a Closet Office Work Using Canvas Printing

Could canvas printing be the solution to a closet office?

The world economy is going through some seismic changes. Undoubtedly, people will look back at the early part of the 21st century and remark on how the so-called sharing economy and the freelancer revolution changed how people work forever, throwing in the increasing prevalence of telecommuting jobs for good measure. As companies realise how much money they can save by letting people work from home and as more and more people choose freelancing from home as either a necessity or as a way to enjoy their lives more, the upshot is practical: More people are trying to cram home offices into their already space-challenged homes.

One of the simplest solutions to the need for an office space in small apartment or crowded home is the ‘closet office,’ where a clothes closet is sacrificed and turned into a small hideaway office. While this idea is ingenious in the way it uses space in creative ways, it has one major drawback: The lack of an inspiring view. Working while facing a blank wall can be dispiriting. Luckily, this problem is easily solved using canvas printing.

Closet Office Setup

Canvas printing can turn your office into a home.

Setting up a closet office is easy, but the more thought put into it will translate into a better working experience. Here are some considerations:

  • Any size closet can work, no matter how shallow or narrow.
  • The key is a built-in desk, which can be installed with just a few pieces of wood screwed into the wall studs.
  • Before doing anything else, decide if you need the closet office to be hidden away with a closed door, or if it will simply be an exposed alcove in the room.
  • Storage is paramount, but wiring up the space for power, phone, and Internet is also crucial.

Choosing wall colour is also a key part of design – once you have everything installed, painting will be much more difficult.

Strategies for Using Canvas Printing in the Closet Office

Once you have your closet office created, it’s time to consider how to inspire yourself using canvas printing. Here are a few strategies:

  • The faux window. Many offices benefit from having a window view that brings in sunshine, fresh air, and offers inspiration. A piece of wall art that depicts an ideal outdoor scene mimicking the view outside your real windows can be inspiring, too.
  • The aspirational view: Is your closet office and the tiny space it occupies just a layover on your way to better things and larger spaces? Celebrate that ambition by installing wall art that calls forward to where you’re going.
  • Go bright: Closet offices can be dark and dingy places, so choosing bright, powerful images for your wall art can combat some of that dour, low-light negative energy.

Remember, what you put on the wall of a closet office is what you’ll be staring at every time you sit down to work. That’s the final advantage of using prints to decorate the office: You can change them out any time you get bored.

Ready to make the space work for you? Choose your office decorations and click here, and we’ll turn them into inspiring, sanity-saving wall art for an office of any size.

It's amazing the difference some canvas printing can make to your tiny office problems.