Hot New Trend: Canvas Prints and Bold Wall Graphics

Interior design is a quandary for a lot of people. On the one hand, they want a very personal look and feel to their home, filled with intimate canvas prints and wall art, heirlooms and hard-earned antique finds. On the other, they’re nervous that their taste level is lacking and the end result will be more shabby than chic, pointing them towards hiring a professional. The fact is, it’s more important that you be comfortable in your own home than the home be ‘professionally’ designed – and it’s easier to get that slick pro look than most people think.


Sometimes it pays to watch the trends. The trick is not to jump on just any bandwagon, but wait until something really fun comes along. One of the recent trends that combine simplicity with creativity and the opportunity to really make your room designs individual and special is combining traditional art prints with large-scale wall graphics, whether paint or decal. The beauty of this approach to wall art is its flexibility: You stay on trend while bringing your own special viewpoint to the design. Here are a few ideas to get you into the swing of this great approach to room design.

Canvas Prints and the Family Tree


Everyone has canvas prints of their family in their home, whether formal portraits or fun, casual photo art. In other words, we all display our family tree to our guests – why not have some fun with that?

Start with a feature wall, a neutral colour, and a bold graphic of a tree with no leaves. You can find a large-scale decal to use, or, if you’re artistic, paint it yourself in a solid contrasting colour. The leaves, of course, will be your family portraits – the In-Laws, Mum and Dad, all the kids. You make it as elaborate or simple as you want, or as the room’s other decor mandates.

Escaping Elements

Sometimes we have fantastic photos that we want to turn into canvas prints and hang on the wall, but for some reason once we get them up there … something’s missing. Often it’s an element of movement or kinetic energy. Holiday shots and other landscapes that are meaningful to us because of the memories we created at those locations don’t always convey that emotion when hung on the wall.

The use of bold decals or paintings that pull an element from the canvas prints outside the frame can be the answer: Imagine a holiday photo of a beach at sunrise, and the sun explodes out from the edges of the wall art onto the wall behind it! Or the migrating birds you captured in the sky appear, huge and startling, flying away on your walls. The effect can be dramatic and surprising – two elements that are always welcome when it comes to interior design.

Decorating your home can be a chore, or it can be fun. Mixing up design elements like decals and canvas prints can often lead to amazing results that not only make your rooms memorable, but a lot more fun to decorate.

If you’ve come up with a great way to make your canvas prints explode off the wall using paint or decals, click here and let us ensure the wall art holds up its end of the bargain.