Holiday Canvas Prints: Don’t Be Bound by Reality

One of the most popular uses for gorgeous, vibrant canvas prints is to showcase your most impressive and treasured holiday moments. Whether a romp on the beach with the kids or a romantic getaway to a snowy mountain town, our greatest memories captured in photos and then transformed magically into amazing room decor remains one of the key ways canvas art makes our rooms – and lives – just a little better.


But when it comes to choosing memories to use as wall art, there’s this instinctive feeling that we have to use precisely the moments we ourselves captured with our cameras. The fact is, when it comes to using those images in decorative canvas prints, what really matters is the quality of the image, not it’s authentic nature as the precise photo you took.

Reasons to Augment Reality

There are plenty of compelling reasons why you shouldn’t be shy about tweaking your images – or using someone else’s – when it comes to turning your holiday photos into wall art:

  • Our magic moments on holiday often come in rushed jumbles – and that shows in our photos. A shaky, blurred photo might stir your heart because you know those blobs are your kids and your spouse, but why expect others to get that?
  • The famous landmarks and wild vistas of faraway places have been photographed by professionals with expensive camera equipment and bona-fide artistic sensibilities. Why do we imagine our shaky, out of focus smartphone pic is just as good?
  • No one will really know that you didn’t take that photo – you were really there, and you really did take a photo of that lake, that beach, that monument. The fact that you upgrade to a professionally-shot photo doesn’t change that fact.
  • The same goes for a quick trip through Photoshop – why not combine four photos of the same scene into one, or digitally remove tourists, or change out the background because it was a gloomy, grey day when your snapped your photo?

Ways to Improve Holiday Canvas Prints


There are a few things to keep in mind when sorting through vacation photos in a search for one that ‘pops’ enough to go on your walls:

  • Monuments, landmarks, street scenes: These almost always exist as royalty-free images available for no cost or for a small price somewhere. Be honest with yourself: Your photo might capture something that no one else has ever seen, a unique moment, making it the superior choice. But if it’s just a haphazard photo of something, why not upgrade to a professional’s vision and composition?
  • Deletion is always easier than addition. Removing things from your images – like tourists or garbage bins, planes or balloons in the sky marring a perfect blue field, or anything, really, that harms your composition or focus, can be easily rubbed out using a variety of digital tools. Adding things is much harder.
  • If you want to add something to your holiday photo, consider finding an existing photo that mimics yours but has the missing element. People tend to shoot famous places from exactly the same angles, so finding a photo that matches up well shouldn’t be hard.

In the end, you still have your memory. You’ll have the actual photo that preserves that magic moment. So why not let a superior image – from an artistic point of view – handle the duties of decorating your rooms? When you’ve made your decision and chosen your images, click here and we’d be honoured to transform them into awesome canvas prints.