Dorm Room Designs on a Dime: Cheap Canvas Prints and Bold Colours

Whether as an adult graduate student or as a first step into adulthood, dorm-room living can be quite an adjustment – and not the first place you’d think to see cheap canvas prints or any other sort of design. With limited and often shared space, a dorm room can be a stressful place of lost sleep and room-mate arguments, or a serene retreat for study and rest. One mistake many people make when moving into a dorm situation is assuming that the temporary nature of the living situation precludes any real design effort. The fact that most students are living on limited budgets re-enforces this idea.


The fact is, any space you’re going to spend a large amount of time living in deserves a little effort at design. The temporary nature of a dorm just means you have to be smart about it and choose affordable design elements that can move with you to your next room assignment, or even a first apartment. Cheap canvas prints and smart choices for bedding can be your affordable answers to this design dilemma.

Bold Colours

Dorm rooms generally can’t be painted or otherwise permanently changed, which limits your design options tremendously. Colour remains your most powerful tool, however, and the easiest way to get colour into a dorm situation is through wall art and bedding. Luckily, these can also be the most affordable aspects of any design.

By choosing bedding and canvas art that complement each other in terms of colour palette, you can create the illusion that the room has more design to it than it actually does. If you can see the dorm ahead of time to gauge the exact colour of blandness on the walls and floor, you can fine-tune your choices of cheap canvas prints and sheets, but if you can’t it’s usually safe to assume the colour will be white, off-white, or in that general area.

Show Your Personality with Cheap Canvas Prints

Dorm living is almost always shared living, so you’re likely decorating, at best, one half of a small room. Bringing in your own personality in ways that aren’t obnoxious is essential for your sanity and comfort, and the best way to do that is through the magic of canvas printing.


First of all, cheap canvas prints are affordable, so you can have several created that reflect your inspirations and tastes without blowing a student’s budget. Second, they’re beautiful, instantly creating drama on the wall, and if carefully chosen that drama will interact with the rest of your design elements to create a sophisticated design that makes that half of the room yours and yours alone.

Finally, canvas prints or any sort of wall art will define your half of the room as yours – and can even define small portions of it for different purposes. A calm, soothing image over the bed, a dramatic, inspiring image over the desk, something stylish by the closet area – there is no space too small to have defined areas.

You may only live in that dorm for a few months, but that’s no reason to spend those months devoid of style and comfort. A little bit of money will go a long way as long as some of it goes to cheap canvas prints? When you’ve made your selections to style-up your temporary home, click here and we’ll deliver high-quality art for low amounts of money.