Tips for Decorating on a Budget Using Canvas and Canvas Prints

The list of things on our To-Do list always seems to get longer, especially once budget limitations are taken into account. If we had unlimited money, we’d be able to accomplish anything we wanted to, either on our own or simply by hiring someone – but very few people get to do that (and they’re probably bored all the time anyway). The rest of us have to pick and choose our battles based on the budget we have available to us – and that includes redecorating the boring, tired rooms in our homes.


Luckily, there are canvas prints in the world. Canvas and awesome prints on canvas are like a superpower when it comes to budget designing. No matter how old and tired your rooms are, you can make them look brand new – and expensive – with just some paint and the judicious use of canvas.

Tip One: Space Out the Canvas Prints

The first and most practical tip is also, sadly, the most frustrating: Don’t force yourself to complete your redecoration all at once. Adding pieces and elements to your space as budgets allow might take longer and force you to live in an incomplete room for a while, but it also allows you to think bigger.

Too many people make the mistake of assuming you have to complete a redecoration all at once or it’s a Fail. Instead, start with a fresh coat of paint. Then, add pieces as you can afford them: Canvas prints can be added one at a time if you can’t afford to buy a bunch together. The extra bonus? As the room slowly evolves, so might your design sense of the space, and a slow pace means you can course-correct and choose different images for your wall art.


Tip Two: More Than Images

Canvas is, in general, a great material. Affordable and durable, it’s also easily decorated and looks smashing on any wall or other surface. Take a look at this suggestion to simply use blank canvases as subtle colour pops in a room.

You can augment that even more by creating colour gradients on a computer that go through several subtle shades of a colour, then having the canvas printed online, resulting in some remarkably sophisticated wall art that doesn’t cost much at all.

Tip Three: More than Walls

When we think about art prints, we assume we mean on our walls – but that’s not necessarily a requirement. Consider attaching a series of prints to the back of a couch that isn’t up against a wall, or to the outward side of kitchen cabinets that face the dining and living area in an open concept home. Using prints as decorative panels can be done anywhere – not just on your walls – and brings the same budget-friendly aspect to every part of your redesign.

All it takes to be budget-friendly in a home decoration project is some creativity and the judicious use of the right materials. When you have the images you want for your next re-design, click here and we’ll handle the rest!