5 Unique Gifts for Dad this Father’s Day

5 Unique Gifts for Dad this Father’s Day

Tired of getting Dad the same old Father’s Day presents every year? While socks, power tools and chocolates can be useful, they don’t make the most exciting or unique gifts for Dad year after year.

Think about all the things your dad has done for you over the years; driving you to sports practice, taking you on ski trips, playing endless games with you or giving you pocket money for jobs he probably could have done himself!

But when it comes to thinking about unique gifts for Dad that you haven’t given him ten times already, our mind often goes blank.

Unique gifts for Dad

Personalisation is the key to creating a unique Father’s Day gift that’s a little more thoughtful than socks, jocks or chocs! We’ve pulled together this list of Father’s Day gift ideas so you can make Dad feel special and give him something he’ll treasure for years to come.

1. Personalised canvas prints

Personalised canvas prints are the perfect way to create a gift you know Dad will use. And while the obvious choice is family photos, you could also think out of the box to create something truly special.

Here are our top canvas print ideas for Dad:

  • A silly family photo from Christmas or a holiday you all enjoyed
  • A split canvas print of a family photo

split print family

  • A wall display with a range of family photos. Tying them together with a central theme like the beach or various colours can help the display look more cohesive (but we suggest you don’t start hammering nails into the wall before Dad has seen it!)
  • A photo collage with a range of your favourite pictures on one print
  • Photo prints of Dad’s wedding day
  • Prints of Dad with his favourite pets

canvas print for dad

You could also choose from our range of over 40 million images and create some wall art for his man cave, like:

surfing metal print

retro unique gifts for dad

2. Photo mugs

Every dad needs a vast collection of mugs, but rather than going the boring route and giving him another sports mug, why not try a photo mug?

Photo mugs are affordable and make a unique gift for Dad for Father’s Day. They’re the perfect add-on to a bigger present or can even be a stand-alone gift when you want something simple.

You can choose from single-image photo mugs, or create a collage mug made up of different images. Add images of Dad’s pets, family photos, or photos that represent his hobbies.

We even have themed “Dad” mugs so he’ll never lose his mug again!

3. Metal prints

If you’re really looking for a unique Father’s Day gift idea that will look stylish and sophisticated in the home, metal prints are the perfect option.

Like canvas prints, metal prints can be fully customised with high-quality images, however, they have a few more advantages that canvas prints don’t have:

  • They are strong and durable and are very difficult to damage, making them perfect for high-traffic areas in the home
  • They are weatherproof and can be placed outside as they can withstand wind, rain and sun, meaning they’re perfect for courtyards or even damp basement or garage areas
  • They’re sleek, edgy and sophisticated, with a modern, art-gallery feel
  • Our prints are high-definition quality. Your images will be dripping with saturated colour and sharp because of the way the ink prints clearly onto the aluminium
  • Metal prints have a shiny, magical luminescent finish which makes them especially eye-catching in the home

If your dad wants something a little more rustic, corrugated iron prints are the perfect gift. Again, you can personalise your prints with any image, whether it’s a retro print, wall art print or personal photo. These prints are also extremely durable and waterproof and have a unique charm; perfect for a man-cave, basement, bar area, games room, or library.

corrugated iron unique gifts for dad

4. Stubby coolers

If your dad is more into beers than books, you can never go wrong with a personalised stubby holder, ideal for keeping his beer warm on those hot summer days. Plus, he’ll always know which beer is his with our unique stubby holder designs. Personalise it with a single image, a photo collage, or create a themed stubby cooler. Just add beer and you’ll have one happy Dad!

5. Photo books

If your dad isn’t great at keeping family photos together, a photo book is another meaningful and unique gift for Dad that’s sure to give him the warm and fuzzies.

If you’re not sure where to start, some ideas for a photo book gift for Dad are:

  • Create a travel photo book about a recent holiday your dad has taken
  • Make a family photo book about your childhood growing up with your dad
  • Create a romantic wedding photo book about your parent’s marriage and their history together including more recent photos. You could even create a larger photo book showcasing their journey over the years since they met
  • Use our general photo book template and create a book including photos of your dad’s favourite pets, his friends, or recent events
  • Start flipping through your photo albums for inspiration or to find a common theme that will tie your book together

unique gifts for dad photo book

So, forget the socks and useless knick-knacks; personalised photo gifts can lend a truly unique touch to your Father’s Day present, and your dad will remember them for years to come.

To find the perfect unique Father’s Day gift, start browsing our range of photo gifts here or check out our canvas prints. Or, start browsing our huge range of wall art with our collection of over 40 million images.

Or, if you’re just looking to browse, check out our website to see our other print types and find a unique gift for Dad that can be shipped to you just in time for Father’s Day!


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