7 Inspiring Minimalist Wall Art Ideas

7 Inspiring Minimalist Wall Art Ideas

Calling all design enthusiasts! Are you looking to add a dash of understated elegance to your walls without going overboard? You’ve come to the right place. Minimalist wall art is like the cool, quiet party guest who doesn’t need to raise their voice to be heard. It’s all about making a statement with less, and trust us, it’s anything but boring. We’ve pulled together some awesome seriously cool minimalist wall art ideas.

So, whether you want to bring a bit of pizzazz to your living room or create a serene sanctuary in your bedroom, these cool and creative minimalist wall art trends are super easy to execute. Keep reading and get inspired; stat.

Why Is Minimalist Wall Art So Popular?

Minimalist wall art has taken the world by storm, and there’s a good reason why. The minimalism movement is not about being trendy; it’s about creating a space that reflects a mindful lifestyle, where you’re actively choosing the pieces that speak to you, rather than buying into every single trend that you come across on your Instagram account.

Minimalist wall art strips away the noise, leaving you with something pure and simple to rest your eyes on. It’s kind of like decluttering your space and your mind in one fell swoop. Plus, minimalist art is incredibly versatile and timeless – it can blend in or stand out, complement or contrast, all while keeping things sophisticated and unfussy. And, as it’s so simple, it can be adapted into different rooms or even different home styles. What could be better?

Alright, enough with the why! Let’s get to the good stuff – the ideas that will transform your space into a minimalist masterpiece.

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Our Top Minimalist Wall Art Ideas

1. Framed Simplicity

Imagine a sleek, simple frame that oozes sophistication. When we talk about minimalist wall art framed in sophistication, we’re envisioning those clean, no-fuss frames that let the art do all the talking. Think a simplistic frame, or maybe even a borderless print for that ultra-modern vibe. Inside? A single, captivating subject. Maybe it’s a sketch, a delicate watercolour wash, or just a stark, high-contrast photograph.

Framed minimalist wall art is like that one guest at the party who doesn’t say much but has everyone intrigued. It doesn’t shout for your attention, but somehow you can’t take your eyes off it. A frame can help encapsulate your design, completing the artwork and making it stand out, especially if your print is a similar colour to the wall behind it. It’s perfect for any spot that needs a touch of elegance, without the drama. Whether it’s a black and white abstract piece or a simple line drawing, Framed Prints can be a quiet yet potent addition to any room.

2. Abstract Monochromes

Diving into the world of abstract monochromes is mysterious and serene. There’s a kind of beauty to it that doesn’t need to be loud to be felt. Imagine a canvas that plays with just one shade, creating depth and emotion through texture and subtle tonal changes.

These are the kinds of artworks that start conversations with their unspoken complexity. Minimalist wall art in monochrome tones is a whole mood in itself; a silent expression that fits snugly into your living space, bringing with it a sense of the avant-garde. Choose a colour that you love, and find an artwork with a myriad of different shades of the one colour. We love blue, green, blush tones, or even shades of versatile brown.

minimalist wall art - monochrome art

3. Typographic Mantras

Words have power – so why not use them to decorate and inspire? A beautifully framed, thoughtful word or short saying can serve as a daily reminder to live life to the fullest. It’s minimalist, yes, but it’s also deeply personal. And that’s what makes it so special. Find carefully chosen words in equally thoughtful typefaces that resonate with your soul, then use them to create your own unique design using words in Canva.

You could use things like:

4. Oversized Wall Art

Oversized Canvas Prints are the gentle giants of minimalist wall art. They command attention not by their detail, but by their sheer presence. An expansive canvas with a restrained colour palette or a minimalistic pattern doesn’t just fill a wall, it defines the entire room. It’s like a deep breath for your living space. It can be a wash of one colour or a subtle gradient – either way, it’s a bold statement that’s anything but over-the-top. And the best part? Despite their size, they never overwhelm; they’re like the soft-spoken leaders of the art world.

But oversized wall art doesn’t suit every space – an oversized artwork in a small space won’t look minimalistic! Depending on the size of the artwork, you probably don’t want to overwhelm your tiny space with a massive piece of art. These artworks are better in larger homes, in large rooms with high ceilings.

Shop our oversized canvas artworks here.

5. Architectural Sketches

For all you structure lovers out there, architectural sketches as minimalist wall art are like a dream come true. Clean lines, dramatic angles, and a whole lot of character without the clutter – it’s a sophisticated way to show off your love for design. This can also be a great idea for a place that has a special meaning to you, your significant other, or your family. Maybe you can include a sketch of your first family home, or the place where you met your partner.

Check out our range of architecture sketch designs here and turn one straight into a minimalist artwork today.

6. Celestial Minimalism

Celestial minimalism brings the mystique of the heavens into our homes. Celestial-themed wall art is minimalist magic. A slender crescent moon, a sparse sprinkle of stars, or the elegant arc of a planet’s ring – all captured in simple, elegant lines or soft washes of colour.

Celestial artworks aren’t just decorations; they’re a connection to the cosmos, a reminder of the vastness beyond our walls. They’re perfect for bedrooms, where dreams begin, or quiet nooks meant for contemplation and escape from the day-to-day. Celestial wall art looks fantastic immortalised on Metal Prints, and could include things like;

  • Charts with moon phases
  • Star maps
  • A simple-but-stunning photograph of the sky or the moon
  • An artistic rendition of your favourite constellation

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minimalist wall art - moon

7. Artistic Shelves

Shelves aren’t just for books anymore. A minimalist shelf with a curated collection of objects can become a form of wall art in its own right. Creating a beautiful floating shelf display is all about picking pieces that speak to you and arranging them just so. Functional, fashionable, and fabulously minimalist.

To create your artistic shelf, try placing minimalist wall art, leaning it against each other, slightly overlapping, on the shelf. Reposition it until you find a configuration that works for you. You can also use ornaments and colourful Photo Books to add depth to your display.

There you have it! These awesome minimalist wall art ideas prove when it comes to minimalist wall art, less really can be so much more. Whether you’re looking to deck out your living room or create a peaceful vibe in your bedroom, these ideas are a great place to start. So go ahead, pick your favourites, and get ready to transform your space into a minimalist haven!


Got questions? We’ve got answers to all your interior design trend queries.

What exactly is minimalist wall art?

Minimalist wall art refers to pieces that embrace simplicity and subtlety. It focuses on clean lines, monochromatic or limited colour palettes, simple shapes, and uncluttered compositions. The idea is to create art that speaks simply; to create an impact without overwhelming the space.

Can minimalist art still be a focal point in a room?

Absolutely! Minimalist art is all about making a statement without excess. A well-chosen piece, especially if it’s oversized or uniquely framed, can command attention and draw the eye. The key with minimal artwork is in the placement, styling, and the piece’s ability to stand out through its simplicity.

What types of frames work best with minimalist art?

Slim, unadorned frames are typically best for minimalist art. Think about materials like metal or plain wood, and colours like black, white, or natural wood finish. The frame shouldn’t distract from the artwork but rather complement its simplicity. Canvas Factory have plenty of Framed Prints in different colours and materials to choose from.

Can minimalist wall art work in any room of the house?

Yes, minimalist wall art can work in any room. For bedrooms, opt for soothing images and tones that promote relaxation such as blue, green, beige, and purple. In busier areas like the living room, you might choose something a bit more dynamic while still simple in design.


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