Super Creative Ways to Use Cheap Canvas Prints

Interior design is fun – but it’s a lot of work. While many of us look forward to having that little bit of extra money that allows us to redecorate the way we want, it’s often the ideas that slow us down. After all, cheap canvas prints means we can probably afford to spruce up any room with just a lick of paint and a few digital images – but how do you choose those images?

For some it’s easy: They go personal and put up wedding photos, family portraits, or old photos that mean something to them. For the rest of us, we want our design to be a little more funky – no less personal, but perhaps less intimate. Here are some fun, funky ideas for images that can be put on your walls to both tell the world who you are and have a bit of fun at the same time.

Spell it Out

Everyone loves a good game of Scrabble, or a challenging crossword puzzle, or word search. Whether you’re a champion who can win the game by spelling chrysanthemum, or always wind up with several Zs and Qs you don’t know what to do with, turning Scrabble pieces or crosswords with meaningful clues can be a fun way to decorate using cheap canvas prints on the walls. Scrabble pieces, oversized and dramatic, can spell out names or other significant words, and crosswords or word searches can have delightful hidden meanings or messages – for those who know you well enough to solve them!


Maps as Cheap Canvas Prints

Another fun way to define and beautify your space is to take a beautiful map and have it turned into large-scale wall art. Maps are by their very nature beautiful – the elegant lines and fine detail combined with the messy, sprawling way that life develops has a beautiful tension that’s always artistic. Choosing your place of birth, or a fanciful, cartoonish tourist map of your current city, or a fantasy map taken from a favourite novel can all be just as gorgeous as a work of art – but with an intimate connection to you.


Choose an Icon

Everyone has certain details that define them. Maybe you’re a spunky young lady who adores shoes. Maybe you’re a brainy girl who plays video games. Or a guy who grew up on a farm, or who is a fanatical AFL fan. Think about the things that people would use to describe you, and boil them down to a symbol – an icon.

That icon can become your coat of arms. Your personal symbol. Icons are wonderful because they can be stark and simple or embellished and artistic, without losing their power or their connection to you. They can be subtly integrated into just about every aspect of your decor – from the patterns on the upholstery to the art on your walls. It’s an easy way to literally put your mark on every aspect of your home.

Choosing the subjects for your wall art isn’t always easy – but it gets easier the more creative you allow yourself to be. When you’ve chosen the subjects for your wall art, click here and we’d be delighted to turn them into bespoke design elements that only you would have in your home.