Change Your Focus with Canvas Prints Online

In the world of interior design, most of us are working on our own. The vast majority of people can’t afford to hire a bespoke designer to turn our home into something out of a catalogue, complete with beautiful art canvas prints online and custom furniture, accessories like abstract art and all the tiny touches that mark a professional design.


When designing our own rooms, on any budget, we all make certain mistakes that have nothing to do with budget or even design skills. Every room has a focal point, whether we make a conscious effort to choose one or not. By not making a choice, or by making the wrong choice, we can ruin otherwise perfectly sensible designs no matter how great our taste in colour palettes or how awesome our wall art is. Here are three rooms where people commonly choose the wrong focal points – whether consciously or not – and how you can fix the problem simply and easily with some bespoke canvas prints online.

The Living Room: Canvas Prints Online to the Rescue

In your living room, the single biggest mistake people make is letting the television be the focal point. If everything about the room points at the TV, the message you’re sending is that this isn’t a convivial room designed for socialising and conversation, but a passive room designed for silently absorbing entertainment.

Nothing wrong with a little television – it just shouldn’t be the focus of the room. If you have a Family Room or Media Room, let the big-screen live in there. If the TV has to be in the Living Room, hide it behind a cabinet or set it off to the side where it can be comfortably viewed. Then, replace its spot over the fireplace or on the feature wall with a large-scale piece of contemporary art created by having gorgeous canvas prints online created.

The Bedroom: Abstract Art to Calm

The big mistake commonly made in bedrooms is having a focal point that requires attention or interaction in any way. A television is the worst thing you can have in your bedroom, but almost any focal point that distracts you is a poor choice.


Bedrooms need to be calm places of contemplation and rest. Science has shown us that the more activity your bedroom sees the less rest you get in it, because your brain begins to associate the room with work and stress instead of rest and rejuvenation. Abstract art works well in a bedroom if you choose calming, soothing colours, because it doesn’t depict any specific object or scene that could set the mind into motion when it needs to be drifting away to sleep.

The Kitchen: Glass Wall Art to Centre

Kitchens are often criminally ignored when it comes to wall decorations, and when people do use them they often don’t think in terms of a focal point. As a result the most common focal point of a kitchen is the refrigerator, where people are in and out all day long grabbing supplies and grazing.

A much better focal point for a kitchen is a conversation area created at a counter or table where people can sit casually and enjoy a snack or a meal. Ideally, this should be away from the ‘cooking triangle’ of the fridge, oven, and sink, so that someone can be preparing a meal without interference. Hanging a piece of glass wall art that draws the eye over a seating area will naturally inspire people who come into the kitchen to gather there, making the kitchen less of a transient space people move in and out of and more of a meeting place where memories are made.

When decorating a room, whether it’s with an unlimited budget and a designer or no budget at all and just your wits and a few affordable canvas prints online, your choice of focal point will be crucial. When you’ve thought on it and you’re ready to make your design move, click here and we’d be honoured to help you make your ideas into reality.