Celebrate Your Beliefs with Canvas Prints

In a free and fair society, we’re all entitled to our beliefs, whether political, religious, or cultural. We’re even entitled to have no beliefs if we sincerely lack them. That doesn’t necessarily mean we have permission to force those beliefs on anyone else, either literally or ore subtly. No one necessarily wants to hear what you believe when you’re at work, or at a party, and part of enjoying respect for your own beliefs is respecting the beliefs of others.


In your own home, though, it’s a different matter. Your home is your private space and you set the rules. While it still might be considered rude to force a guest to discuss politics or religion or some other subject, that doesn’t mean you can’t make your own convictions very clear in your home – but if you can do so in a way that doesn’t put guests or newly-met people on the spot, all the better. There’s no better or more subtle way to put your beliefs ‘out there’ in the house than with gorgeous canvas prints.

Subtle Canvas Prints = Key

The key to decorating with your convictions is subtlety. Of course, it’s your home, and if you choose to decorate with very literal symbols of what you believe – religious icons, political posters, social statements – that’s your right. What you’ll find, however, is that friends and family who disagree with you might find your home less than welcoming, no matter how warm and friendly you are personally.

If you can tone down your iconography so that it conveys your convictions without hitting people on the head with them, you can have the best of both worlds: Decor that demonstrates your support of these ideals in a home that feels welcoming even to those who might see things differently. After all, the world is filled with people who think differently, but they are still people just like you.


Ideas for Decoration

Here are some ideas on how you can decorate in ways that celebrate your beliefs without being oppressively forward about it:

  • Political Posters: Supported a certain politician in the last Federal election? Having one of their posters turned into crisp, colourful canvas prints and hung on the wall demonstrates your political ideas without being rude about it or forcing people from the other end of the spectrum to argue with you.
  • Religious Art: All religions have produced spectacular faith-based artwork that can be appreciated simply as a work of beauty. This not only beautifies your home in a way that anyone, from any faith, can appreciate, it subtly underscores your faith and your beliefs without being ‘preachy’.
  • Symbols: You don’t have to be literal. Whatever you believe, there is a complex iconography already in existence, images and objects that represent ideas and concepts without being obvious. Choosing a symbol as opposed to a more literal image means that people who share your beliefs will know immediately where you stand, while others won’t – and thus won’t feel uneasy.

Whatever you believe in, your home needs to be welcoming and friendly. The way you decorate is key. Choose your images wisely, and when you’ve found the right way to celebrate your beliefs without alienating your guests, click here and we’ll be proud to help you show your colours.