Canvas Prints: Simple, Affordable Game Changers for Your Interior Design

No matter who we are, we all share a desire to live in a beautiful, comfortable space that speaks to our artistic sensibilities and lifestyle preferences – that’s one reason why photos turned into canvas online are so popular. It all starts with the type of home or apartment we buy or rent, and then continues through the decorations we add, including our favourite canvas prints used as wall art, the furniture we buy for the place, and everything else.


Of course, people come from different backgrounds and make their way at different speeds through their lives. What do you do if you can’t afford to gut-renovate a home and decorate it the way you want to? While you may not be able to put a spiral staircase in your kitchen like you’ve always dreamed, you can do a lot with a little when it comes to decorating your home with two simple, affordable tools: Photos and Colour.

The Power of Wall Décor: Canvas Prints

If you can’t afford to renovate, you can still ‘re-skin’ your home’s interior using some spectacular photographs turned into bold, beautiful canvas online. Not only can canvas prints add colour, texture, and fun imagery to your walls, they also can hide the occasional ding or crack in older walls when you can’t afford to have them repaired or replaced.

The trick, when choosing images to use as canvas prints for wall art, is to know the colour scheme you want to live in and choose images that complement it, either by carrying it through from room to room or by popping out in a contrasting colour for some visual excitement. If you don’t have any photos of your own that match up well and don’t trust yourself to take some that are good enough quality, you can look through our collection of over 20 million images for the perfect ones for your home’s design.

The Power of Wall Décor: Paint


It’s often said that paint is the cheapest and easiest renovation there is – and it’s said because it’s absolutely true. When bringing delightful canvas prints into your rooms, think about the colour you’ll be using in each room and paint first thing, before anything else is in the place, if you can ( That saves you the trouble and worry of protecting furniture and other possessions from damage while you work.

Take the opportunity to repair walls, too. It’s not difficult to fill in cracks and holes, and even if your plastering skills aren’t great a poor repair is always going to look better than a hole after you paint. A fresh coat of paint, in fact, can make the whole place look newer and in better shape without once having to break out a hammer – or a chequebook.

With freshly painted walls and canvas prints as wall art to bring out the colours, it’ll be like you renovated, but for pennies on the dollar! When you’ve got your redecoration plan in place, click here and we’ll take care of the actual canvas printing.