The Art of Canvas Prints: Think about Effect

Most of the time, when people discuss canvas prints to be used in the design of a room, they talk about the photos to be used, the size in proportion to the furniture, colour palettes, and how to lay everything out on the wall. And indeed those four subjects cover all the basics, and if you consider each of those aspects you’ll be well set for dressing up your room.


But that’s not all there is to it. Yes, if you choose images that match the colour palette and turn them into appropriately-sized canvas prints and hang them properly, your room will look nice. People will compliment you. You’ll live a full and happy life. But you won’t have gotten the most out of your wall art. In order to really wow people even if they don’t realise what’s happening, you’ll have to think about the overall effect your art has.

Directing Traffic

The canvas prints you put on the walls aren’t necessarily just for looking at. They also have the power to influence how people move through the room. This is an important third dimension to think about – because when guests arrive they will move according to the subtle push and pull of the art on the walls, allowing you to predict traffic patterns.

For example, large-scale art that fills a wall suggests that people stand back a bit to appreciate it. People will shy away from it and view it from afar. On the other hand, small-scale art arranged in tight groupings will inspire people to get up close and pay attention. You can use both of these subtleties to whatever effect you want by choosing when to employ big dramatic pieces and when to keep things small.

Canvas Prints and the Mood

Colour sets a tone for your room. In the simplest terms, reds and oranges are warm and welcoming, blues and whites are cold and distant, and yellows and purples and greens can be energising – and off-putting.


But the art on your walls is just as powerful when it comes to the mood you’re setting for the room. First of all, of course, the colour palette gets carried over to the art, reinforcing the tone. But the art on your walls has a symbolic dimension that your other colour pops like furniture and pillows can’t convey. The imagery takes the ‘warm’ or ‘cool’ feeling the colour palette offers and gives it depth, subtly influencing how people feel in the room – relaxed? Excited? It’s up to you and the art you choose.

The art you place on your walls has a powerful effect on not just the way the room looks, but how it is perceived and even how it is used by those who enter it. When choosing the images you plan to use in a space, you have to take into account how people will experience them when walking into the space, and make sure you have a plan.

The deeper you go into interior design and decorating your rooms, the more there is to know about the subtle power your choices have to shape the experience of everyone involved. When you’ve thought it through and made your choices, click here and we’ll turn your concepts into powerful reality.