Awesome Collage Ideas for Canvas Prints

Interior design is a deep ocean of secrets. Not in the sense of being willfully hidden from non-professionals, but in the sense of an ongoing adventure – the deeper you go with your ideas for canvas prints and other design elements, the more there is to discover.


For example, the humble piece of canvas art: Many people become enthusiastic about the design possibilities of this modern product, but they get stuck in a box of ‘one image per photo canvas’ when there’s no rule that says you can’t combine images in really creative ways. While sometimes the classic single image is the way to go, at other times a collage or series of images makes your canvas prints even more powerful.

If your mind boggles at how to combine multiple images into one amazing collage, here are a few ideas to ‘unstick’ you.

Canvas Prints Collage: Playing with Colour and Tone

A collage is a delicate thing. If you have too many images that are all from the same photo set, you risk blurring them all together almost into a subliminal mosaic. The colours will run together in the mind’s eye and the distinct images will lose their power. Choosing images of the same subject (your children, wedding photos, holiday shots) from different image sequences can help avoid this.


To really get some ‘wow’ factor going, process individual components of your collage with different filters. Having the individual images of your collage go from vibrant, full colour to black and white, with stops in-between at various levels of colour saturation, will give your collage a lot more visual interest. This also allows you to decide which images will ‘pop’ from the canvas prints, so you can control the story being told and the effect on the viewer.

Collages in Three Dimensions

One of the aspects of canvas prints people often forget is that they are three-dimensional art objects with depth, width, and height. Starting with a large base image that has the focus of the image in one of the upper corners, ordering several smaller canvas prints and then attaching them to the base brings an extra dimension to your collage.

While you don’t want to thrust too far out into the horizontal plane, two or three canvas prints layered on top of each other can bring depth to your collage, instantly attracting attention and guiding the eye.

The Go Large Collage

Collages often get stuck in the small-scale mindset, because people think a million tiny images is overwhelming – and it is. But you can ‘go large’ with your collage by making each image large-scale as well. Instead of a big installation of 500 images, make your statement piece in the room a collage of just 5 or 6 pieces, all at a grand scale. It instantly creates drama and surprises people who won’t expect a small-scale technique like the collage to be used on such a scale.

Collages allow us to have the best of both worlds – all our favourite images altogether as one amazing piece of art. All you need is the right idea. When you have that idea, click here and begin the process of bringing your collage ideas to life.