The Impact Factor of Using Canvas Printing for Office Decoration

Interior design blogs and other resources have a tendency to focus almost exclusively on the home when it comes to DIY design. The assumption is usually that if you have an office to design, you’re hiring a professional – but that’s not the case for plenty of small businesses, or any business that likes to keep a firm hand on the budget.


And the fact is, using some paint and some creative canvas printing, any office space can be given a fun, energetic, and professional look for less than expected. Whether you’re a sole proprietor doing everything yourself or if you have a small staff you can cajole into pitching in, canvas printing can give your office space the precise look and feel you want without having to take out an additional bank loan to make it happen.

Canvas Printing in the Office: Colours

Your first consideration is going to be the colour palette. Your office needs to be neutral and inviting to a wide range of people, so avoid overly personal or ‘exotic’ colour combinations unless they are absolutely part of the image of your business. That goes for your choices of art on the walls, too; canvas printing can take just about any piece of art, whether it’s a famous painting or something you created yourself, and make into a classy piece for your office walls – but if your colours give people headaches, you’re not doing yourself any favours.


Something to consider when creating art for your office walls is your branding: It’s an opportunity to reinforce your brand identity for everyone who comes in to your space. This might mean turning your logo into an art piece by having a local artist – or many local artists – re-imagine it and hanging the best examples in the office. Or it could mean using your products as the subjects of creative wall art hung throughout the space – a sort of real-life brochure that every potential customer stares at when they visit.


Finally, whatever strategy you choose to pursue in your office decorations, keep tone in the forefront. An off-colour image might be hilarious among your friends, but your customers won’t know how to react. Similarly, while an image of a kitten being adorable might be gorgeous in your private space, ask yourself if it conveys the tone you want for your business.


Your canvas printing choices should always re-enforce the image you want to convey. This doesn’t have to be literal, but you should consider each image choice against your company’s culture and branding to ensure you’re not being too cutesy, too ribald, or too unprofessional.

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