The Canvas Print and the DIY Creative Revolution

There’s an old curse that goes ‘may you live in interesting times’, implying, of course, that ‘interesting’ isn’t always the ideal way to describe events around you. After all, wars, revolutions, plagues, and economic chaos could all be described as ‘interesting’. Put that way, most of us would prefer to live in ‘dull’ times when there’s no adventure involved in where our living comes from.


In another sense, though, we are living in interesting times, and it’s kind of great: Because we’re the first generation of people who live in a world where artistic expression is easy and affordable. In the past, if you were an artist of any kind you needed to either have a rich patron who gave you a living in exchange for supporting your art, or you worked and worked until you found some other avenue. Today? The Internet and associated technologies, like the ability to turn your art and photos into a canvas print for very little money, mean you can express yourself in ways that artists in the past could only dream about.

The DIY Revolution

Never before in history, after all, could authors produce their own books for mass distribution – and even make a lot of money doing so. Never before did musicians have platforms where they could record, mix, and sell their music without the help of large corporations. And never before have artists or photographers had the ability to not just create their works, but distribute them online – or turn them into a high-quality canvas print either for public display and sale or for private display in their own homes.

If you think about it, even if you consider yourself an amateur photographer or artist, why not set aside a wall or a whole room where you display your work in a professional style, with good lighting and collections of works? Even if the only people who see these works are friends and family, you’re still part of an amazing period in history where we can express ourselves professionally without having to leap over endless obstacles.

Reasons to Create a Canvas Print

Some people hesitate to create prints of their work because they’re unsure of their artistic merit. Especially for people who haven’t been trained as artists or who haven’t come from an artistic background, it seems risky and presumptuous to declare ourselves artists and suddenly start hanging our work on the wall.


Look at it from the other way, however, and things clarify: Plenty of the work put out by the old-world infrastructure of art – record companies, film studios, art galleries – wasn’t very good. That’s a simple fact: For every classic book or film that is a huge success, dozens more sink beneath the waves, weighed down with one-star reviews. In other words, the gatekeepers of old didn’t always know what they were doing, so who’s to say your work isn’t worth a high-quality printing and being put on display somewhere?

Creativity is one of the most important aspects of the human experience. Almost everyone has some sort of creative muscle in them – we all just express it in different ways. This is a remarkable time like no other in history where artists can get their visions out there affordably, without the need for rich people or large companies, and it’s an exciting – and interesting – time to be alive.

Express yourself. And when you’re ready to do just that, click here and we’ll handle turning your vision into reality.