Art Online and the Forgotten Room: The Bathroom

It never fails: Walk into any nicely-renovated house worked on by an enthusiastic DIY designer, and you’ll find tons of great design derived from art online all over the place – abstract art, canvas prints and metal art – everything cool. Once budding interior designers discover the joy of having bespoke creations for their walls made, they even go a little crazy sometimes, and can go a little too far with stuff everywhere, dazzling the eye.

Except one room.


For reasons no doubt hard-wired into our primitive brains, the bathroom is often the most sadly neglected room in the house when it comes to design and especially wall decoration. You’ll notice you walk into a lot of very nicely-designed, modern and fresh bathrooms but there’s something missing, because there’s nothing on the walls. Whether it’s fear or a blind spot, the time to decorate your bathroom is immediately, and here’s how to use art online wisely in that most personal and necessary of rooms.

Art Online in the Bathroom: Water Resistance Matters

First, on a practical note the most important aspect of the art you use in your bathroom is that it be water resistant. You may think that because it’s hung on a wall well away from the running water that it would take a total disaster for water to damage your gorgeous canvas prints, but that’s not the case: Bathrooms get incredibly humid when you take a nice hot shower or long bath, and that humidity will ruin a lot of materials – including canvas. Stick to acrylic or metal art in your bathrooms and you’ll get all the glam without any of the mould.

Bathroom Design: Keep It in Line

Next, when choosing art for your bathroom don’t treat it like a wholly separate universe from the rest of your house, especially if it’s a bathroom that guests may regularly use. When the wall pictures in the bathroom change in tone or subject from the rest of the house, it’s noticeable – and distracting.


While your bathroom may have its own palette and design features that are separate from the other rooms, keep the art you put on the walls in the same general range to tie everything together and make it feel like your guests are still in your home when they take a quick breather from the party.

Advanced Tip: Incorporate

An incredibly effective way to use metal or acrylic photo prints in your bathroom is to tie them directly to the fixtures. This can take a lot of planning, but if your art and towel racks and water taps all tie together in tone and appearance, you can get a powerful effect going in your bathroom. If your fixtures also appear to be part of the art itself, that’s a big win – it will dazzle and amaze.

One easy way to do this is to have metal art made that sits above and below a towel rack of similar metal material, making your rack look like an art installation that also happens to hold towels. Once you start thinking in this direction, endless possibilities will open up!

Advanced Tip: Online Gallery

Need ideas? A collection of high-quality images can help – like the one we’re proud to offer on our site as a powerful design tool for our customers ( We’ve got so many high-quality images, chosen specifically for their power and design mojo that no matter how stumped your bathroom walls are making you, you’re bound to find something suitable, and inspiring. Sometimes just perusing a collection like this can give your ideas you didn’t even know were lurking in the folds of your brain!

So don’t neglect your bathroom walls! Any wall you can see needs to have some beauty on it. The bathroom has some special requirements, is all. When you’ve figured out how to decorate your bathroom walls, click here and we’ll make your vision a reality.