9 Living Room Wall Art Ideas that Will Wow

9 Living Room Wall Art Ideas that Will Wow

The living room is one of the most prominent rooms in the house and is often the most visible to guests. These unique living room wall art ideas will inspire you to create a masterpiece on your walls that can bring life and personality into your home.

That means you want it to look perfectly styled according to your unique tastes, but you also wanted to reflect your personality.

Living room wall art should be high impact, featuring either one large wall art piece or several smaller pieces that combine to make a larger gallery-style display. If you love making a statement, large-scale, super-sized wall art is for you.

11 Epic Living Room Wall Art Ideas

While your living room is one of the most visible rooms in home, living room wall art should also be versatile enough to suit the style of all the occupants of your home. It should speak to you as a family unit, not as an individual. Therefore, personal images of you and your partner may not be entirely appropriate in this space, unless they are shot and styled in an interesting way.

These living room decorating ideas will inspire you to create a warm, welcoming room with wall art at that makes a big impression and stands the test of time.

1. A Black & White Photograph

Black and white wall art photography is a practical and versatile art type that can suit practically any space. Black and white photography removes the destruction of colour, and shifts focus to other aspects of the photo, such as the contrast, the subject, texture, patterns and composition. It can often draw greater attention to a photographer’s skills and focus on the emotion in photos, rather than the relationship between colours.

Some great black and white photography ideas for wall art are:

living room wall art ideas

2. Natural, Earthy Wall Art Ideas

Natural, earthy tones are the “new black” of home décor and design. Earthy living room wall art provides ample opportunity to decorate in subdued tones, yet still drink personality and flair to the most prominent room in the house.

Finding earthy wall art is relatively easy; just look for earthy tones, natural scenes and minimalistic styles.

Check out these natural-look living room art ideas:

  • Landscapes of forests, bushland or sand dunes
  • Earthy abstract paintings in earthy tones such as terracotta, khaki, peach, golden tones or nude and ivory
  • Wall art featuring seashells, seagrass or other natural materials
  • Minimalistic line drawings
  • Watercolour paintings
  • Images of the natural world, such as tropical plants or beach scenes
natural wall art

3. Shining Silver Wall Art Ideas

Shimmering silver wall art can turn your living room into a glamourous haven in the blink of an eye. Living room wall art with a touch of silver can also reflect the light, making your rooms appear bigger and capturing the eye.

But, while you might want to add a luxurious touch to your rooms, you want to avoid anything shiny or too bright, or your glamourous look can turn tacky quickly!

Here are our favourite silvery living room wall art ideas:

living room wall art

4. Split Canvas Wall Art

If you’re looking for a high impact living room wall art idea, split canvas design might be just what you need. Split canvas wall art generally features one image split across several canvases. Splitting your image usually amplifies the impact it has, filling your walls with a larger display.

The best split canvas wall art makes use of panoramas, landscapes, wedding photos, or even family photos. Keep reading to find out our favourite split canvas ideas.

  • Landscapes. Is your favourite landscape photo from holiday you may have taken, or choose from one of our many thousands of landscape photos.
  • Wedding photos. Photos from your wedding will be some of the most special moments of your life. So why wouldn’t you want to create a high impact art piece with them? Choose your favourite wedding photos, some photos of the bride and groom or shots of the couple’s rings, flowers or the wedding location.
  • Family photos. A split canvas design can turn your family photos into works of art. Just be sure when you selected your image, you don’t split the image at the most crucial parts of the photo, for example cutting someone’s head in half!
  • Nature shots. An impressive image of nature can make a stunning piece of split canvas wall art. From plants and flowers to amazing animals, nature makes a great photography subject
  • Modern art. Splitting a print into three or even four or more could make a contemporary art print even more unique.
living room wall art

5.Combine Shaped Wall Art

Combining different shaped wall art pieces can create an interesting, eclectic look that will add depth to your wall art design. But you can’t find shaped wall art just anywhere. Luckily, we have a wide range of wall art for you to choose from in all different shapes and sizes. Here are our favourite designs:

  • Heart-shaped wall art. This style is perfect for couples photos, wedding photos, family photos or even a photo of you and a special friend.
  • Oval-shaped wall art. This unique print style is perfect for portraits, or couples photos.
  • Round-shaped wall art. Round wall art also works well for portraits, photos of pets or family photos.
Wedding Collages - Modish - Heart

6. Vintage Living Room Wall Art

If your interior design style is a little more classic, vintage wall art is perfect for you. This old-school design style can be taken in many different directions. Here are our favourite vintage living room wall art ideas:

  • A retro corrugated iron print
  • An old-school movie poster or advertisement in bright colours
  • A graphic retro art print
  • A bright pop art print
living room wall art ideas

7. Wall Art Against Dark Walls

For a subtly glamourous yet unique look, why not try a white-framed picture against dark walls? Dark walls can be notoriously difficult to decorate, but not with white-framed art. Floating framed prints are unique and can give your wall art more depth on the wall. They’re the perfect living room wall art idea to add another day mention to your decorating.

To top it off, white floating frame prints have a unique, modern minimalistic look that will really pop against your dark walls. Here are our favourite white framed art ideas:

  • Black and white photographs
  • Seascapes or beach scenes
  • Travel photography
  • Abstract art prints
living room wall art ideas

8. Colourful Wall Art

You really can’t go wrong with colourful wall art if you’re looking to make a big impression. A large, colourful piece of wall art can anchor all the interiors in your room if you choose carefully. If you’re looking for a piece that ties in with the rest of your living room colour scheme, try to incorporate all the different colours in your room.

Try these colourful wall art ideas:

  • Modern art can also add a splash of bold colour to your walls, and there are a multitude of modern living room ideas for wall art, from geometric styles to bold graphic prints
  • Bold scenes of nature can help brighten up your life, with everything from lush tropical plants to flowers
living room wall art colourful ideas

9. Landscapes on Metal Wall Art

Landscapes provide an infinite array of options for you. From tropical islands to scenes of rolling hills under jaw-dropping mountains and bright blue skies, landscapes can bring some much-needed colour to your walls.

But they look even more astonishing on metal wall art. Metal wall art lends wall art prints a shimmering quality, and the colours in your print will be highly-saturated and vivid. Best of all, metal wall art is easy to clean, highly durable and very light, making it easy to move around if needed. Here are our favourites living room wall art ideas for landscapes.

  • Wall art featuring your favourite holiday destination, such as a tropical island, a beach holiday or a spot in the countryside.
  • A beautiful mountain range
  • A stunning seascape of your favourite beach. This can work perfectly in a Hamptons style living room.
  • A tranquil forest
  • Wall art of the desert
  • Images of an underwater world, like dolphins swimming underwater or seahorses, lost amongst a tangle of seaweed
landscape wall art

We hope these living room wall art ideas have given you some inspiration to make the most of your living room. The right living room wall art can transform a lifeless space into a vibrant room that guests will be honoured to visit. Wall art can bring colour and intrigue into your home. Start exploring our wide range of wall art today, or search through your own collection of photography to find an image you can turn into a beautiful piece of wall art.


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