The Best Ideas for Wall Art to Match Your Style

The Best Ideas for Wall Art to Match Your Style

Choosing the right wall art can be very personal. Wall art should complement your interiors and anchor your room’s style, bringing everything together. The best ideas for wall art are those that are the right mix of personal, unique and stylish.

Discovering the best wall art to match your personal style can be tricky. And, while there are no hard and fast styling rules, these simple ideas for wall art will make it far easier for you to choose the perfect design to suit your home.

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Match wall art to your interior style

One of the simplest ideas for wall art is to draw inspiration from your existing interior styles. Ideally, your interiors are somewhat consistent throughout your home.

Or maybe you want to use this opportunity to mix things up slightly with a more eclectic style and bring in a range of different colours and styles.

Some interior styles will give you the freedom to mix things up. For instance, modern styles can be quite eclectic, giving you the freedom to mix it up with colour and a range of styles.

Additionally, remember not to be too matchy-matchy. You don’t want your wall art to get lost on your walls.

Match the below interior design styles with our wall art suggestions:

ideas for wall art

Draw inspiration from fashion

Surprisingly, you can draw inspiration from your own unique fashion style, but this might require some consideration of what that is! Is your style fresh and natural, with plenty of linen? Is it bold and edgy? Or is it more bohemian?

ideas for wall art

Consider the mood you want to convey

Think about the mood you want to convey in each room, and what the room is used for. For instance, you might not want to decorate your guest room with loving photos of you and your partner!

While it is completely your choice what kind of wall art you’d like to choose, the following ideas for wall art in different rooms can help provide some direction:

  • In the bedroom, you might want to embrace a more casual look. For instance, you could decorate with abstract art or photos of family, friends or you and your partner printed on wrapped canvas.
  • In the kitchen, still life wall art looks great or even wall art of places all over the world that you love to eat, wherever that is for you, from Italy to Greece or Japan.
  • Your living room is the place for large-scale statement art. In the living room, there are a range of styles that can look great, from bold contemporary art to bright landscapes. Whatever you choose needs to make an impression.
  • Bathrooms are good for displaying relaxing images in soft pastel hues. Think beach scenes, line drawings, landscapes or simple geometric styles. You could choose your holiday snaps from places that remind you of indulgence or relaxation, whether that’s a beach close by or an overseas holiday destination like Bali or Hawaii.
ideas for wall art still life

Match your wall art to your colour scheme

When it comes to ideas for wall art, colour is one of the easiest places to start. Play with the tones that already exist in your home. You could match your wall art to a warm or cool colour palette, or choose to deliberately mix things up with a contrasting colour.

Try not to make your rooms too busy, however. You don’t want to choose art that clashes with your home’s architectural style or your interiors. And too many contrasting colours and styles can be difficult on the eyes!

ideas for wall art plants

Channel your favourite art style

Draw inspiration from the art styles or artists you are drawn to. This can provide you with plenty of ideas for wall art that is a true reflection of who you are.

If you’re not sure which are styles you like, visit a local gallery or museum and assess which styles and colours pique your interest, whether that’s bold modern art, classic watercolour paintings, abstract art, surrealistic pieces or epic landscapes.

ideas for wall art

Choose wall art by theme

Many of us subconsciously anchor their interior design from a central theme or idea. When you’re considering various ideas for wall art, try to assess your interiors and look for any themes you might have had in mind.

Decorating with a theme in mind like coastal design, farmhouse chic, or Mediterranean glamour, can make it far easier when it comes to choosing wall art, or any interiors pieces.

If you’re unsure of what your favourite themes are, browse Pinterest or Instagram for inspiration and see what you are drawn to. Create a board called “Home” and start pinning images and see where you get to!

ideas for wall art

Decorate with your memories

Finally, decorating with your own photos is one of the best ideas for wall art that truly represents who you are and can be a valuable reminder of the people we love and appreciate in our lives.

Personal wall art from photos is perfect for the bedroom, kid’s rooms or even the living room. Can’t decide on just one photo? Mix things up with a canvas collage or a creative wall display to showcase a variety of photos. Try to stick to one theme, like the beach or a specific photo editing look, like softer, pastel tones or a warm, golden look. Or just go black and white to keep things consistent!

For more ideas for wall art to match your preferred style, check out the rest of our blog for inspiration.

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