Original Baby Shower Gift Ideas to Make Mum Smile

Original Baby Shower Gift Ideas to Make Mum Smile

That final term of pregnancy can be an emotional time for an expectant mother. That’s why you should celebrate every moment with one of these thoughtful baby shower gift ideas.

These baby shower gifts are inspired by the care, warmth and joy that motherhood brings.

Empower Mum with affirmations

Affirmations are a helpful way for new mums to remember their sense of self and a reminder to value all that they do.

This elegant gift, with each panel featuring a different inspiring motherhood quote, looks amazing and is surprisingly simple to make.

Just choose the quotes you’d like to use then design the images in Canva.

In Canva, you can choose any text style and any background image you want. The only barrier is your imagination!

baby shower gift ideas

Gift Mum with the power of choice

When baby arrives, Mum will be taking a million and one photos. This present means she can print those special memories onto canvas.

Once the baby comes, Mum may not be able to afford too many luxuries, but this sweet gift card will be one she’ll be excited to use.

She’ll get to pick the size and style of the canvas she’d like and can choose from a collage or simply a large single print or split image design.

Mum may even want a new piece of artwork for the nursery. Our Canvas Factory art library has over 25 million images to choose from, including artwork for kids.

baby shower gift ideas

Adorable art for the new nursery

Help make her baby’s nursery a fantastical place with a gorgeous acrylic art print, one of the best baby shower gifts for the mum who appreciates modern style.

To find this awesome elephant, simply visit our Canvas Art image library or click here.

In fact, with over 25 million images in our image library, you can search for any animal that suits your fancy! You’ll discover photos, illustrations and cartoons.

There’s a fine art to finding the right piece for a nursery and very little of it has to do with gender. Many babies love pink as it reminds them of the comfort and colour of their mother’s skin. As they grow, they appreciate bold, bright primary colours.

So don’t limit yourself to; the world of baby art is available to you at just the click of a search button.

Don’t forget that Mum will be the one spending a lot of time in the nursery, so be sure to consider her tastes too!

The bonus of acrylic is that it adds elegance and class, so you can rest assured you’re adding something beautiful to the nursery. Plus, acrylic prints are highly durable and easy to clean.

baby shower gift ideas

Make your baby shower gift a family affair

If someone in your family is having a baby, get the whole family together to turn one of the most amazing baby shower gift ideas into reality.

This canvas wall display, which features four identical square panels, is the perfect way to display a personalised photo story.

The idea here is to get everyone together who’s special to the expectant mother and photograph each family member holding up a sign with a different letter.

What the word spells is up to you, but it could be BABY, LOVE, CARE – anything that will tug at the expecting mum’s heartstrings!

The quality of the signs doesn’t have to be fantastic. You can even just use a thick black felt pen and draw the letter onto plain cardboard. Photographing each person holding up a sign at a different location will give the canvas life and colour.

baby shower gift ideas

Prepare a pregnancy print

When it comes to baby shower presents that are designed to please, seize the opportunity to feature Mum in all her glory.

This stunning silhouette is a wonderful gift idea from a future father to an expectant mother, to show her how beautiful you think she is.

baby shower gift ideas

This gift is as easy as ABC

This gift of alphabet art is not only beautiful but educational too, serving baby well into early childhood.

Mount a stunning alphabet artwork, available in our Canvas Art library, onto a single canvas or floating frame print.

Mum to be will then have a work of educational art that will endure, becoming a staple decorative item in her child’s room for years to come.

You’re never too young to learn your ABCs and this piece will be an everyday reminder to practice, practice, practice.

Colour her world with beauty

When she’s up at 2 am to feed her baby, gazing at a beautiful wall art print will be sure to lift Mum’s spirits.

Make sure the nursery isn’t just for baby. Gift Mum with a few items for the room that she can enjoy and appreciate. She’ll be spending a lot of time there, after all!

Perhaps arrange a pamper hamper from all of her friends: a pregnancy photo shoot, a body pillow, organic soaps and a piece of art she can hang in the nursery that’s just for her.

baby shower gift ideas

Give her words of wisdom to hold onto

Has your friend just tapped you on the shoulder and asked you to arrange her baby shower? She will love receiving this message board!

This thoughtful, personalised print could possibly blow all the other baby shower gift ideas out of the water!

Invite guests who will be attending the baby shower to provide advice to the expectant mother on a fun, bright canvas collage. Simply use Canva to design the colourful panels. When choosing which design template to use, try to match the shape of the frame on the collage.

The design doesn’t have to be the exact size of the frame. When creating your collage in our CanvasApp, you can use the zoom and place tool to shift the image around to your liking.

This is a gift from the heart, so don’t concern yourself too much with making it a perfect work of art. It’s the words that count and she will love the raw, natural look of it.

baby shower gift ideas

You got this! Motherhood survival kit

The struggle is nigh – childbirth, breastfeeding, sleepless nights… Make it a little bit easier for the Mum-to-be with this motherhood survival kit.

A simple canvas print with a quote about Mum is a must-have for every motherhood survival kit.

That said, you can create any image and message you want for your canvas using a tool like Photoshop or Canva.

What else can you include in a survival kit? Here are some ideas to get you started: mints, herbal tea, meditation cards, healthy snack foods, bed socks, pre-moistured towelettes, packet soup. Spoilt her rotten!

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