17 Whiz-Bang Men Winning At World’s Greatest Dad

17 Whiz-Bang Men Winning At World's Greatest Dad

There’s no better time than Father’s Day to reflect on how awesome Dads are. Our own Dads. Our kids’ Dads. Our Dad-In-Laws. All the Dads!

To celebrate the total whiz-bang awesomeness of Dads, we’ve put together a collection of World Greatest Dad stories from around the world that will make you laugh, cry and – dare we say it – cringe.

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1. Dad Walks Daughter To School Every Single Day

This Florida Dad walked his daughter to school hand-in-hand every single day from Pre-Kindergarten age 4 through to the end of Year 8. That’s 10 years or 1,650 days of walking together.

They say children need your time more than your money – and this is a remarkable example of that theory put into action.

Sourced from Fresh 102.7.

World's Greatest Dad - Dad Walk

2. Letter To Daughter From The Make Up Aisle

This letter from Dad is what every young girl needs to hear – that makeup doesn’t define your worthiness and that beauty comes from the inside.

His daughter is currently only four, but he plans to read it to her when she grows up and finds herself in the make up aisle.

Sourced from Dr Kelly Flanagan.

World's Greatest Dad - Letter

3. Dad Recreates Daughter’s Internet Selfies

It’s a gutsy move, but when this Dad discovered pouty selfies of his daughter online, he figured he’d take a different approach to simply saying ‘stop’ and instead recreated himself in the same poses.

Who’s more embarrassing? You be the judge.

Sourced from Imgur.

World's Greatest Dad - Selfies

4. Dad Encourages Daughter’s Wild Imagination On Camera

Hobby photographer and Dad of 4 year old Kanna took a portrait series of his daughter living her (and his) imagination on camera.

Shots centre on an old farm road and feature scenarios from broomstick rockstar to being held hostage by toy soldiers.

Inspired? Get your favourite photos printed on canvas for Dad. Check out more Fathers Day Gift Ideas here now.

Sourced from Swimmingly.

World's Greatest Dad - Imagination

5. Single Dad Teaches Other Parents Beautiful Girl’s Hair Styles

This amazing single Dad was struggling to do a pony tail in his daughter’s hair then, after lots of practice, unlocked a whole world of gorgeous hair styles that he’s now sharing on his Facebook page ‘Greg Wickherst’s Dads Guide To Surviving Hair’.

What talent!

See the full story (and hairstyles!) on Greg’s Facebook page.

World's Greatest Dad - Hair

6. Dad Cries Happy Tears After Daughter Gets To Meet One Direction

If anyone ever accuses Dads of not being there to support their teen daughters through all those bizarre requests, tell ’em it ain’t so.

This Dad got as emotional as his daughter when she got a chance to meet her favourite band, One Direction.

Dreams do come true. And Dads can help make that happen.

All the feels.

Sourced from Jezebel.

World's Greatest Dad - One Direction

7. Dad Carries Son 29km To School Every Day

Get your tissues ready.

When this Dad learnt that the local schools wouldn’t educate his son, who has a physical disability that renders him unable to walk, he found a school 18 miles (29 km) away and carried him there and home every day.

It was such an extraordinary act of love that the media attention resulted in the Chinese government arranging an apartment for the single Dad and his son located closer to the school.

What a legend.

Sourced from Pulptastic.

World's Greatest Dad - Carries Son To School

8. Dad DIY’s Daughter’s Budget But Beautiful Prom Dress

Former military Dad from Wisconsin said yes when his daughter jokingly asked if he would make her prom dress. The rest is semi-formal history.

The black and white camouflage print dress took 6 weeks to make and $97 worth of fabric.

Be careful what you say yes to, Dads. No wait, don’t!

Sourced from HNGN.

World's Greatest Dad - Prom Dress

9. The Ultimate Cheerio Challenge (Of Course)

We couldn’t create a World’s Greatest Dad list without mentioning one Dad’s surreal personal challenge to see how many cheerios he could stack on top of his baby’s nose.

The shenanigans went viral, motivating Dads the world over to meet or beat the challenge.

Oh Dads, how we love you.

Sourced from Life Of Dad.

World's Greatest Dad - Cheerio Challenge

10. Father Daughter Surprise Bat Mitzvah Crowd With Awesome Dance

This Dad has got groove! A 5 minute mash up, requires of all sorts of different moves.

The video says it all!

11. Father Son Duo Sing Car Karaoke To Raise Funds For Alzheimer’s Society

This one’s definitely a tear jerker, but you have to watch Son singing with his Dad and Dad singing solo to fully appreciate not only the talent, but the touching story behind their car karaoke mission.

Ted McDermott has Alzheimer’s Disease and the father-son duo are raising money for the Alzheimer’s Society in the UK. They have raised an impressive £104,483 so far.

Watch them sing at The Memo.

World's Greatest Dad - Song A Minute

12. Father Son Team Conquer Triathlons (And Then Some) Against Odds

Like any good father this awesome Dad supports his son to participate in triathlons, marathons, road races and treks. However, there’s one catch.

His son has Cerebral Palsy which means Dad does all the gruelling sports right there with him, literally by his side.

What a fit team!

Sourced from Triathlon Inspires.

World's Greatest Dad - Team Hoyt

13. Dad Shows Son It’s OK To Do What You Like

When his son said he liked to wear skirts and dresses, his Dad decided society had to change not his son. So he wore a skirt too.

Sourced from Gawker.

World's Greatest Dad - Dad Dress

14. Dad Gives Son Best Christmas Present Ever

It’s not something a parent would ever wish to do for their child, but it’s what any parent would do, right?

After discovering he was a match, this Dad gives his ailing son one of his kidneys just in time for Christmas.

Sourced from Barf Blog.

World's Greatest Dad - Kidney

15. Dad Dresses As Superman To Encourage A Shy Batman

Three year old Phoebe almost changed her mind about wearing her Batman costume, a ‘boy’s outfit’, on Superhero day at school until Super Dad came to the rescue, wearing his Superman costume to drop her off.

He was, of course, greeted with some strange looks but – in the end – knew it was the right thing to do.

Sourced from Metro.

World's Greatest Dad - Superhero

16. Dad Wears Denim Cut Offs To Teach Daughter A Lesson

When his daughter refused to get changed out of her very short shorts before leaving the house for a family outing, this Dad delivered the ultimate comeuppance, cutting a pair of denim jeans off and wearing them to mimic (or mortify) her.

And out they all went together as a family. Nice one Dad.

Sourced from Mom.Me.

World's Greatest Dad - Shorts

17. Dad Tattoos Scar On Head To Match His Son’s

Last but not least, this Dad took empathy to a whole new level when he tattooed his son’s scar on his own balding head to show solidarity to his son who had just undergone brain cancer surgery.

What a whiz-banger of a Dad.

Sourced from The Blaze.

World's Greatest Dad - Brain Cancer



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