10 Father’s Day Gifts For First Time Dads

Top 10 Father's Day Gifts For First Time Dads

It’s been a while since we’ve put together a Top 10, but we decided new Mums deserved a bit of help to choose super special Father’s Day gifts for first time Dads.

As well as some absolute corkers (labelled beer bottles anyone?), we’ve included some priceless practical gifts, some memory-making experiences and some ideas for gifts that will tug at his heartstrings.

We know you’re time poor and sleep deprived, so this collection of Father’s Day gifts for first time Dads, is our gift to you.

Are you ready to make the new Dad in your life feel adored, valued and celebrated?

1. Personalised New Dad Survival Kit

From Etsy

Move over boring old gift basket, New Dad deserves so much more. So, fill this personalised ‘New Dad Survival Kit’ with a treasure trove full of goodies. The box itself comes in small or large then the rest is up to you. Fill it with beer, snacks, a nappy, a canvas print and a parenting book.

Fathers Day Gifts For First Time Dads - Personalized New Dad Survival Kit

2. Modish Collage Canvas

From Canvas Factory

Watch Dad wipe a tear from his eye upon receiving this thoughtful Collage Canvas Print. You can add any image you want to this modish template. The best place to find his favourite photos is Facebook. But if you have a little collection of pics on your phone or camera that he’s never seen before, that’s even better!

Fathers Day Gifts For First Time Dads - Baby Collage

3. Personalised Beer Glass

From Amazon

This engraved Daddy beer glass will bring him more joy than you can possibly imagine. It’s a great tribute to the Dad who enjoys a tipple. Not only can you customise the dates, but you can engrave it with whatever title you want. Bottoms up!


Fathers Day Gifts For First Time Dads - Personalized Beer Glass

4. Date Night With Mum

Arrange a babysitter and celebrate Father’s Day by taking both of you out on a date night without bub in tow. If it’s the first time you’ve been out together alone since giving birth, don’t feel you have to have a three course meal and stay overnight somewhere fancy. Even taking the time to enjoy a sunset picnic will mean a lot to you both.

Fathers Day Gifts For First Time Dads - Date Night With Mom

5. Matching Shirts

From Etsy

Matching Dad and baby t-shirts are currently all the rage. Matchy-matchy is the new black. Besides, who can resist going ‘Awwww’ when seeing a man honour his kids with such open displays of love and pride in his role as Dad?

Fathers Day Gifts For First Time Dads - Matching Shirts
6. Baby Carrier

From Amazon

Super practical, sure, but a quality baby carrier means he can do all sorts of things hands-free right? Like cook, clean, and shop. Only kidding! He’s already doing all of that right? It’s also great for activities such as round the house bonding, bushwalking and travelling.

Fathers Day Gifts For First Time Dads - Baby Carrier

7. Plan A Family Camping Trip

This is a Father’s Day gift for new dads that is particularly suited to guys who enjoy spending time in the great outdoors. He’ll relish in the challenge of taking New Baby along to enjoy your shared favourite pre-baby past-time – camping. The key is to invite extended family, so there’s a network of people available when things get tricky. Make a big Father’s Day Weekend of it!

Fathers Day Gifts For First Time Dads - Plan A Family Camping Trip

8. A Photo Book

From Canvas Factory

For something truly memorable, why not commemorate the first few months with baby with a Photo Book? This is the best Father’s Day gift for first time Dads, because he can pick it up whenever he wants and revisit his favourite memories. You could even get him a new one every year!

photo book

9. Custom Baby Beer Bottles

From Etsy

New Dad deserves a bottle too right? These First Time Dad Beer Bottle labels are hilarious! They look so professional and classy yet they touch on some of Dad’s most vulnerable moments. This Etsy store also lets you do custom orders, so if you have some of your own quotes you’d like to include you can arrange that as well.

Fathers Day Gifts For First Time Dads - Labeled Beer Bottle

10. Time To Go Fishing

Last but not least, take Dad on a fishing trip. He’s keen to spend his weekends with his new family, but this treat means he can enjoy fishing and family all at once. It’s a dream come true. 

Fathers Day Gifts For First Time Dads - Head Out For Some Fishing

We hope these Father’s Day gifts for first time dads has inspired you to gift the new dads in your life! It’s so important to support the ones we love, so get gifting! For more ideas, visit Canvas Factory. Happy Father’s Day Dads! Hope you are spoilt rotten!


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