10 Times Fake Flowers Are Better Than The Real Thing

I’m a massive fan of real flowers. No imitation can come close to their silken texture, their unique scent and their transient beauty. Fresh flowers have a place in our hearts and our homes.

We give and receive flowers during times of abundant joy and happiness and during times of great loss and sorrow. As they are a sign of love and a sharing of beauty, everyone loves flowers, even those who are allergic – they simply wish they weren’t!

One of my favourite things to do is give flowers to a man. It’s such an unexpected delight and I’ve never received a negative response. Giving flowers to a woman is a no brainer – and there’s nothing says ‘I love you’ than a big bouquet of fresh flowers or a single, long stemmed red rose.

I am one of those people who walks into a room or sits at a restaurant table and goes ‘Ooooh. Flowers!’ and then proceeds to touch them to check if they’re real. They rarely are, but if they are it’s a special treat and I think to myself ‘Wow. The managers here think their customers are really special’.

That all said, I do still believe there is a time and a place for fake flowers, so to enhance clarity and understanding around the politics of fake versus real flowers, here it is: 10 times fake flowers are better than the real thing!

1. When it’s a hair tie or brooch

Flowers on brooches, hair ties, hair clips and on hats add sass and splendour to any woman’s outfit. If you pick a real flower in the morning, it will die by evening and, despite receiving an abundance of compliments, you can only wear it once. Make every day special with a collection of fake flower accessories.

Canvas Art - Fake Flowers - Flower Brooch

2. When it’s made of paper

Canvas Art - Fake Flowers - Origami

Origami flowers are the new craze among crafters and crafty brides. I recently attended a wedding that featured string curtains of origami flowers, vases of origami flowers and bird cages filled with origami birds as Bomboniere (the take home gift). At the end of the event, my friend let me take home some of the flowers and they now sit pride of place in a vase in my living room. I receive compliments galore from visitors!

3. When it’s a long stem rose

What? Yes, there is a time and a place for a fake long stem rose. Fellas, the time is not when you’re out at a restaurant and the roaming sales guy comes around with his basket of fake roses. If you cared, you should’ve bought her something real, earlier! The time is either at a carnival or show after you’ve won a game in sideshow alley. If the novelty rose doesn’t light up at night, it’s not worthy of the ‘novelty’ label – go for the soft toy. The other time is at any night event that’s all about the bright lights. A flashing glow rose is a totally romantic alternative to a glow stick.

4. When it’s on a Canvas Art Print

Here today, gone tomorrow. Whether that’s outside in the garden or inside in a vase, that’s the real story with real flowers. However, if you take a photo of your favourite garden flower (or flowers) and create a canvas print (or collage print), you can ensure the beauty of flowers remains in your home forever!

You may not realise, but our website has an entire Canvas Art section. Check it out now.  Here, you can do a search for ‘flowers’ or simply select ‘Nature’ then ‘Flora’ to see our complete range of floral canvas prints.

Canvas Art - Fake Flowers - Flowers Canvas Print

HOME BEAUTY: Enjoy flowers every day with this gorgeous art print, available online.

5. When it’s on clothing

Florals are in for women and men! Put a spring in your step with feminine florals or bold flower prints. It’s not about 60s flower power. It’s more whimsical than that. Think Mad Men.

6. When it’s a Facebook meme

Get onto Pinterest to find some images featuring moving quotes about flowers or containing flowers or even both! Flowers convey emotion and generate a sense of occasion. To express kindness and gratitude ‘just because’, post this one below on your friend’s wall now.

Canvas Art - Fake Flowers - Facebook Quote

7. When it’s in a baby’s bedroom

Move over pink/blue/yellow/orange feature wall, wallpaper is back and she’s loving nature! Funky strawberries, cherries and flowers are ideal wallpaper options for babies of any gender.

8. When it’s for flower girls

If you are a bride to be, you may have decided on real rather than silk flowers for yourself and your bridesmaids, but have a good think about what is best for your flower girls. Little girls love flowers so much they love to touch them all the time. Despite the excitement of the day, they may also get bored and nervous so playing with the flowers gives their little hands something to do. I have seen a flower girl picking away at her headpiece flowers to the point where I had to do a quick fix prior to the photography session. If you want everything perfect for the big day, consider going real with the flower petals and going fake if they’re carrying a floral bouquet or wearing a floral headpiece.

Canvas Art - Fake Flowers - Flower Girl

9. When it’s at a restaurant

Look, as customers, we get it – it’s a costly exercise to maintain fresh flowers. But as customers, if the flowers are fake, make sure they’re not old and dusty. Make some effort to keep them clean and replace them once they’re faded. Also, choose nothing rather than old or cheap crap. We have feelings. There’s some pretty cool stuff around, so avoid the $2 shop and make some effort to find something that suits your desired ambience or theme.

10. When it’s on window sills or in window boxes

If your thumb isn’t green enough for African Violets, your window sill is no doubt void of colour. If you’re a busy professional with a fast-paced lifestyle, your plantar box outside your window is probably empty. To keep up appearances, cheat. Go fake. Who’s going to know?

Canvas Art - Fake Flowers - Window Box

As you can see, while there’s no doubt something extraordinary about the beauty of real flowers, there’s no need to be a fundamentalist about it. Enjoy flowers everywhere you go. We all deserve it.

There are always flowers for those who want to see them. – Henri Matisse