The Big One: 50th Birthday Gift Ideas

The Big One: 50th Birthday Gift Ideas

It’s the big Five O! If there’s an important birthday milestone, then it’s this one. If your loved one is turning 50, then one of these amazing 50th birthday gift ideas is the perfect way to celebrate the occasion.

Keen to gift your loved one with something truly amazing, but struggling to know how to do the day justice? An epic 50th birthday present will show your loved one that you care and commemora Explore our countless 50th birthday gift ideas now. We’ve got everything from DIY craft to the lap of luxury.

Creatively crafty gifts

Every 50 year old must celebrate with a party and nothing says party than a cake and an awesome present. If you like being creative, take the time to craft something unique. Or, if you’re only half crafty, you can still use your imagination by putting together a hamper or creating a fun wall print.

Our favourite 50th birthday presents include a gardener’s basket, a shower kit, a wrapped canvas, and marbles, to replace the ones they’ve already lost! Just kidding. But in all seriousness, keep scrolling to find a thoughtful 50th birthday gift idea for the ages. Your loved one will appreciate it more than they can say.

1. A Canvas Print

By Canvas Factory

canvas print for dad

2. Gardener’s Basket

By The Merry Thought

50th Birthday Gift Ideas - Gardener Basket

3. Ultimate Shower Kit

From Amazon

50th Birthday Gift Ideas - Ultimate Shower Kit

Experiences that never get old

If the 50 year old in your life already has everything, gifting an experience is a wonderful idea. The bonus about gifting an activity like a relaxing day spa or a vineyard tour is that you can opt in to attend as well.

A mystery day flight or hot air balloon ride is the ultimate in indulgence, the perfect gift from a husband or wife. Hot air ballooning is surely on everyone’s bucket list, right? Make it happen for their 50th and they’ll love you forever.

4. Vineyard Tour and Tasting

50th Birthday Gift Ideas - Vineyard Tour and Tasting

5. Relaxing Spa Day

50th Birthday Gift Ideas - Relaxing Spa Day

6. Hot Air Ballooning Experience

50th Birthday Gift Ideas - Hot Air Ballooning Experience

50th birthday gifts for men

We’re not saying you can’t gift these treasures to women, we’re just saying that men are more likely to fall over backwards (in a good way) after receiving something like this.

Replace Dad’s grungy old apron with a new fandangled apron and BBQ tool set, with each tool engraved with a personalised message. Or gift him a beer tool belt or stainless steel icecubes, things he won’t have ever known he needed until he gets them.

Another fantastic idea is to gift him an upmarket metal modish photo collage for his man cave or office, featuring custom stylings, photos and quotes.

7. Personalised BBQ Apron And Tool Set

Buy on Not On The High Street

50th Birthday Gift Ideas - Personalised Bbq Apron And Tool Set

8. Metal Photo Collage

By Canvas Factory

50th Birthday Gift Ideas - Metal

9. Stainless Steel Ice Cubes

Buy on Ebay

50th Birthday Gift Ideas - Stainless Steel Ice Cube

50th gifts for women

First of all, she’s not going to be able to go past celebrating her big Five 0 with wine featuring chic bottle labels with sayings like ’50 and fabulous’ and ’50 – age improves with wine’ so better just arrange that now.

But if you’re keen to focus on tomorrow – after the big party – then she’ll love this personalised chopping board or terrarium that you grow yourself.

10. Personalised Chopping Board

Buy it on Not On The High Street

50th Birthday Gift Ideas - Personalised Chopping Board

11. Grow Your Own Terrarium

Buy on Prezzy Box

50th Birthday Gift Ideas - Grow Your Own Terrarium

12. Chic Bottle Labels

Buy on Amazon

50th Birthday Gift Ideas - Chic Bottle Labels

Gifts for the young at heart

“They’re only 50.” You start saying that when you turn 40, don’t you? But it’s true. 50 is the new 30, so don’t be shy about arranging something truly amazing for the young at heart like a ticket to a rock concert or sports event.

If they love games, invest in a new dart board or take them on an adventure or orientating day. If you get the vibe they’re ready to party then throw them the ultimate 50th surprise party or buy them the most fun 50th party tshirt.

It’s not about them forgetting that they’re 50. It’s about them not caring that they are.

13. Themed Surprise Party

50th Birthday Gift Ideas - Throw A Surprise Themed Party

14. Sporting Event Or Music Concert

50th Birthday Gift Ideas - Buy A Ticket To Favorite Sports Or Music Event

15. Funny Shirt Gift

Buy on Etsy50th Birthday Gift Ideas - Funny Shirt

Lap of luxury

When can you spoil your loved one if it’s not when they turn 50? Lavish them with luxurious gifts they’d never dream of buying themselves.

Ideas include a first class travel case – for the 50 year old who loves to travel; a simple coffee maker to help get them through to retirement; a canvas wall display featuring key photos of their life to date; and a designer watch – simply because they deserve nothing less.

50 years warrants being spoilt to death. Well, no. Not to death. Spoilt to life!

16. First Class Travel Tech Case

Buy on Not On The High Street

50th Birthday Gift Ideas - First Class Travel Tech Case

17. Canvas Photo Wall Display

By Canvas Factory

50th Birthday Gift Ideas - Wall Display

18. All In One Coffee Maker

Buy on Ebay

50th Birthday Gift Ideas - All In One Coffee Maker

19. Leather Strap Watch

Buy on Nordstrom

50th Birthday Gift Ideas - Leather Strap Watch

20. Mini Bullet Blender

Buy on Ebay

50th Birthday Gift Ideas - Mini Bullet Blender


Escape into 50s travel

Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before. – Dalai Lama

Tell them to dust off their passport, it’s time to travel! How gorgeous are these leather passport covers? It certainly makes you want to break them in.

Gift your loved one with a corked globe to they can mark where they’ve been and where they’d like to go. Then top it off with a neck pillow, perfect for aeroplane, bus and train travel.

21. Leather Passport Cover

Buy on Etsy

50th Birthday Gift Ideas - Leather Passport Cover

22. Soft Velvet Travel Neck Pillow

Buy on Amazon

50th Birthday Gift Ideas - Soft Velvet Travel Neck Pillow

We hope these 50th birthday gift ideas can inspire you to find a fabulous gift for a friend or family member. After all, we don’t turn 50 every day! For more gift idea inspiration for a 50th birthday, check out Canvas Factory.


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