Pursue a Photography and Canvas Prints Hobby without Leaving the House

People have a habit of making everything very complex and difficult when the fact is most things in life – from photography to canvas prints to running marathons or programming a computer is a lot easier than it seems at first blush. Photography (and the awesome wall art you can make by turning your photos into canvas online) is a great example: Many folks get caught up with the idea that to truly pursue photography as a hobby you have to buy a lot of equipment and software and travel far afield in search of spectacular views or interesting people.


Newsflash: Your smartphone is likely a good enough camera for a hobby, and there are plenty of spectacular views and interesting people in your home and neighbourhood. Here’s a few suggestions for getting into the photographic spirit without having to put too much effort into things.

Photograph Canvas Prints Suggestion: Shoot Out the Window

If you’ve got a second (or third) floor on your house, become a people watcher. Just by situating your desk or reading chair near the window and keeping your camera at hand at all times, you’d be amazed at what you’ll see right out your window that can make awesome photos – and awesome photos can become awesome canvas online. The little homey scenes that will assemble on a daily basis can be quite striking: People walking their dogs, old ladies pushing their grocery carts, children playing made-up games in the street. Just keep your eyes open and your camera nearby, because these scenes rarely last long – like snow in the spring, they melt away fast, and you have to be ready for them. But all it takes is an artistic eye and good, clean window to look out from.


Photograph Canvas Prints Suggestion: Go Macro

Macro photography is simply taking extreme close-ups of small objects – the smaller the better, but the basic idea is to find art in the tension between an object’s actually size and the visual presentation.

Is your house littered with tiny bric-a-brac? Mementos, souvenirs, child’s toys? Then you have a smorgasbord of macro photography subjects to choose from. While macro photography can be quite technically challenging if you take it to extremes, for the purposes of filling your home with wall art made up of canvas prints of your photos, literally anything will do. A dusty shelf of seashells, a figurine from your old childhood bedroom, spare change casually tossed on a counter – the fact is, all of it can be art if it’s treated like it, and photographed carefully.

Photograph Canvas Prints Suggestion: The Garden

Whether your garden is a mass of unkempt weeds or a carefully manicured collection of flowers and decorations, it can be the ideal subject for your photos. There’s no need to take a bus halfway across creation to photograph someone else’s unkempt garden – you have your own jungle.

Get down low and get in close, and discover the secret beauty of your garden for yourself. Endless opportunities for amazing photos abound – and thus amazing opportunities for amazing canvas prints abound as well!

Don’t make things more complex than they have to be. If you have the itch to decorate your home with your own photos, you don’t need to plan trips – you just need to open your eyes. And when you’ve done so, click here and we’ll get right on making these awesome photos into canvas online for you.