Everything Is Better Now: 22 Glorious Nature Photos

Everything Is Better Now: 22 Glorious Nature Photos

Feeling a bit blue? Time to put down your smartphone, pick up your DSLR camera and go for a walk outside.

There’s something regenerative about being part of the natural environment. The wonderful thing is that, with the perfect nature photos up your sleeve (or in your memory card), you can bring them home, print them to canvas and decorate your interior with wall art courtesy of yourself and Mother Nature.

Everything will be better with works of nature art hanging at home. Almost as good as the real thing. Absolutely glorious.

Backyard bliss bombs

You don’t have to go far to discover Mother Nature at her finest. Whether it’s birds who’ve come to visit, insects that are hiding away or a piece of garden furniture hiding in the foliage, Mother Nature makes an easy muse.

Idea #2 has potential for so much awesome. Take a photo of something special in your garden across all four seasons to see how much change takes place.

1. Working with Mother Nature

From Max Pixel

Nature Photos - Backyard Bird

2. Capture different seasons

From Pixabay

Nature Photos - Backyard Bench

3. Get up close with macro

From Flickr (Derek Keats)

Nature Photos - Backyard Get Close

Park life

Take a stroll to your local park or botanic garden and treat yourself to wide, open spaces full of green.

The wonderful thing about parks is the sheer number of trees that often line the paths and the unique way sunlight dapples through, a wonderful opportunity to photograph exciting perspectives.

Often there’s so much natural beauty – flowers in abundance – that you don’t even need an expensive camera to make magic happen.

4. Make the most of tree paths

From Flickr (Micolo J)

Nature Photos - Park

5. No need for an expensive camera

From Unsplash (Khürt Williams)

Nature Photos - Park Blossom Tree

6. Play with sunlight

From Unsplash (Jake Givens)

Nature Photos - Park Sun

Fabulous forests

Go wild with experimentation in the thick of the forest. No matter what the season, forests are a fabulous place to find something new and exciting, each and every time you visit.

Take in a lush landscape or get up close and personal with a leaf, appreciating every detail. Your camera will just lap it all up.

The result? Wonderful gifts for family. Check out ideas on how to print presents like this in our Gifts For Men and Gift Ideas For Women features.

7. Experiment in the field

From Pixabay

Nature Photos - Forest

8. Work with the weather

From Pexels (Jaymantri)

Nature Photos - Forest Fog

9. Edit carefully

From Pixabay

Nature Photos - Forest Waterfall

10. See the details

From Fotolia

Nature Photos - Forest Details

Beach beauties

Look up. Look down. Your camera’s falling down! Oh no!

The key to exquisite beach photos is taking the time to look up to the sky for the beautiful sun, clouds and birds and look down to the ground to where all the detail lives – the shells, the crabs, the flotsam and the jetsam.

Everything’s more beautiful at the beach, so be patient and wait for that perfect moment then capture it in time, to adore forever.

11. Capture movement

From Pixabay

Nature Photos - Beach Movement

12. Golden hours

From Max Pixel

Nature Photos - Beach Golden Hours

13. Be patient

From Pixabay

Nature Photos - Beach Crab

14. Look up

From Fotolia 

Nature Photos - Beach Birds

Country practice

Whether you live on a farm or take regular trips to the country, keep in mind that the things you take for granted are rare treats for others.

It’s time to revel in the peace, solitude and pure joy that country life can bring – and convey that through a lens.

And remember, there’s nothing everyday about farm animals, particularly when you take the shot from a wacky angle.

15. Look for nature in the everyday

From Pexels

Nature Photos - Farm

16. Be prepared

From Flickr (Cristian Bortes)

Nature Photos - Farm Be Prepared

17. Change your point of view

From Max Pixel

Nature Photos - Farm Cow

18. Capture the stillness

From Fotolia 

Natur Photos - Farm Winter

Travel treasures

Last but certainly not least, escape to the world of travel photography.

Before you go travelling, take time to get to know your equipment. You don’t want to miss out on savouring the experience because you’re busy trying to work out how your camera settings work.

The only problem you’ll have when returning home is figuring out which photos to use to build a travel canvas collage – for memories that will live on and on.

19. Use the sky as a background

From Flickr (Nicolas Raymond)

Nature Photos - Travel

20. Maximise your depth of field

From Max Pixel

Nature Photos - Travel Depth

21. Know your equipment

From Flickr (Carlos Garcia)

Nature Photos - Travel 2

22. Explore different angles and perspectives

From Fotolia

Nature Photos - Travel Perspective



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