Decorating Your Damp Rooms with Prints on Glass

Every room in your house is its own particular design challenge. While certain aspects of your decorating eye can be served with canvas prints as wall art, there are always going to be aspects of any room that can’t be dealt with using canvas art – odd angles, a lack of windows, or low ceilings are just a few things that you’re going to have to find ways of designing around, because no amount of great wall art is going to change the dimensions of your room.


People sometimes forget that there are always two categories of room that require special handling no matter how perfect their dimensions or beautiful their layout: The kitchen and the bathrooms, because of one simple aspect: They are damp rooms, and water requires you to reconsider every material placed in those rooms.

Water and Wall Art: Glass Prints to the Rescue

If you’ve ever toured a home on sale and encountered a sad lavatory with peeling wallpaper, you’ve seen the effects of water and damp on design features. Wallpaper has its uses and can look stunning when the pattern is intelligently chosen, but in a damp, humid environment even the best and best-applied wallpaper is going to fall off the walls.

Similarly, canvas and humidity don’t mix well. Exposing your great canvas prints to steam and splashes every day will result in stains and eventual breakdown of the canvas material.


Luckily, that doesn’t mean you have to forgo gorgeous wall art or encase everything in ugly glass frames – skip the middleman and go for prints on glass! Glass is completely unaffected by water and humidity, and your glass prints will look just as good years and thousands of showers from now as they do today.

The Clean Modern Look of Glass Prints

Aside from the practical advantages of glass prints, there are other aesthetic advantages of prints on glass that make them a wonderful addition to any part of the house, whether damp rooms or not:

  • Easy-to-Clean Shine: Glass prints bring a bright, light-reflective surface to your rooms, adding one more texture for more depth in the design and offering a surface that’s easier to clean and maintain than canvas prints or other surfaces.
  • Never Fade: Glass prints aren’t affected by sunlight or other environmental elements the way other mediums are, and will last forever if cared for without losing any of their natural vibrancy.

Glass prints are ideal for damp rooms and for non-damp rooms, which means they’re ideal for the whole house. They combine the flexibility and Wow! factor of all wall art with a durability and environmental tolerance that other materials often lack.

When you’re ready to redesign your damp rooms using awesome prints on glass, click here and we’ll take care of all the details for you!